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Next Sunday a run of the new club, the A. C. W., will be held. All the members are expected to be in readiness to participate.

A certain member of the A. C. W. struck a game in San Leandro, yesterday, that nearly bankrupted, him. It was two bits a chance and a present guaranteed every time. He spent three dollars and six-bits trying for a gold watch, and when he left he had two pairs of tin bracelets, one ten-cent bottle of perfumery, a cigar, a lead pencil and a bottle of ink.


Bowman is a member of the new club.

Ireland has developed signs of "poecy," and it is understood he will be asked to resign from the A. C. W.

There is talk of a race meet to be held at Pleasanton, given by the A. C. W. and Livermore Bicycle Club.


The new club, A. C. W., will admit of lady and associate members.

THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Oct 1886

[Were there two versions of this club, in two different time periods? - MF]

A new cycling club has just been organized in Oakland, the Alameda County Wheelmen, and already has some thirty members enrolled. The leading spirits in this club are hustlers, and a large membership is sure to be the result at an early date.

WHEEL WHIRLS. - Another Bicycle Club Has Been Organized in This City. - Oakland Tribune, June 24, 1891

There's a movement on foot for a "reunion dinner" New Year's day by the remaining members of the Old Alameda County Wheelmen's club, which 80 years ago was the banner sporting fraternity on this side of the bay. Those were the days before the "safety" came into vogue and when it was necessary for the novice to employ a stepladder in getting started on his "wheel." The Alameda County Wheelmen boasted some daring riders among their membership. They were the ones who surrounded Stevens when he left Oakland on his historic bicycle trip around the world, and they welcomed him when he arrived here on the completion of the Journey. Among the members were Jimmy Arkinson, Geo. H. Strong, Bob Magill, Charles Havens, Louis Sears, Al Reichling, "Bill" Bowman, Willie Sharp, Bill Haroldson, Ed Hinckley, Alec Ireland and Alec Roseborough.

New Year's eve these men will probably meet in a down town cafe for a quiet little dinner to talk over the days that are gone and the heroes of yester-year. Any members of the organization who may read this are urged to send in their names and addresses to Robert Magill, Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

Oakland Tribune, 18 Dec 1912

[The above claim is problematic, because the Alameda County Wheelmen were founded in 1891. But some of these guys were riding bikes in 1884, as part of the Oakland Bicycle Club or Oakland Wheelmen. - MF]

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