WHEEL WHIRLS. - Oakland Tribune, 26 Mar 1890

From Wooljersey


Hal Gage Appointed Local Consul of the Wheelman' League.

During the latter part of the year 1886 the California Division of the League of American Wheelmen numbered 1411 members, twenty-four of whom were from Oakland and two from Alameda. Bob Magill and Harry Tenny were the Alameda members. The former is still a cyclist and a recent convert to the safety. Of the Oaklard members, few are still on the path. Ireland, Churchill, Olney, Blinn and Rosborough of Highland Park, Ed Hinckley of Fruit Vale and Chapman of East Oakland have all forsaken the wheel. Haralson, who held forth on the San Leandro road, is seen no more. Sears and Krytser have retired from business as well as from riding and so has their companion of the road, A. L. Reichling. Will Bowman has far too many business cares to use his wheel, except to ride between his store and his home. Robert Edgar, the cupid of the County Clerk's office, is too corpulent to push the cycle now, but a few weeks ago be was tempted to mount the safety of G. H. Mason, "The Recording Angel," much to the amusement of a select few.

George D. Metcalf was the only Berkeley representative at that time.

The Oakland Ramblers existed then with the following officers: President and captain, C. K. Krytser, Secretary and Treasurer, L. Sears, First Lieutenant, J. D. Arkinson.

The Highland Park Wheelmen were organized in May of the same year, and had a short and uneventful life. A younger set of riders has taken the places of these veterans, and new faces are constantly appearing on the road.

The route selected for the Elwell European Party, which will leave New York on June 6th, crosses France from the English Channel to the Jura Mountains, zig zags through Switzerland, runs up and down through the famous Black Forest of Germany, follows the Rhine to Cologne, and so on to London, where may be heard "English as she is spoke," and where the party disbands.

Hal Gage has been appointed Local Consul of the League of American Wheelmen for Oakland, and if he cares to do some rustling, he has an excellent opportunity among the numerous Oakland wheelmen, few of whom belong to the organization.

Los Angeles has a number of young lady 'cyclists, who ride the two-wheeler and many more who foolishly stick to the cumbersome tricycle.