WITH BICYCLE AND CAMERA. - San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Sep 1895

From Wooljersey


An Illustrated Lecture on a Remarkable Summer Vacation.

The California Camera Club entertained its members at Metropolitan Hall Friday evening with an illustrated narrative of. The lecture was entitled "With Wheel and Camera Through the Switzerland of America," and was most happily delivered by Charles Albert Adams, who was known throughout the trip as the Judge. Of the remaining three members of the jolly party B. D. Bent posed as the director-general, J. J. B. Argenti as the professor and H. C. Owens as the bashful man. The talk dealt with the varied experiences of the travelers along the road, and included views of Napa Soda Springs, Anderson's, Aetna, Adams, Seigler, Highland, Bartlett, Saratoga, Laurel Dell, Vichy and the world-famed Geysers. The slides, which were uniformly good, were made by H. C. Owens. The lecturer, Mr. Adams, started from the Oakland ferry and conducted his listeners through Stockton, Napa and St. Helena to all the resorts mentioned. His remarks were replete with humor, and many were the jokes he sprung at the expense of companions. During the intermission Mrs. Jessie Andres Vick rendered Bischoff's soprano composition, the "Margery Echo Song," and to an encore responded with the "Simple Spanish Maiden."