Wana Miller

From Wooljersey

Wana Miller 1877 - 14 OCT 1914


Ladies' Cycling Club


The officers of the club are: President, Miss Cora Edwards; Vice-President, Mrs. R. J. Butler; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Wilcox, Captain, Miss Wana Miller. Just at this time the club is very busy preparing for their part in the grand parade with the Native Sons and Daughters on Admission Day. They have just completed a handsome silk banner of blue and white - the club colors - richly embroidered with the club emblem, a crescent and wheel worked in silver bullion. Each member will also wear a badge of blue and white ribbons, with the letters L. C. C. worked thereon in silver.

Under the efficient direction of Captain Wana Miller they are being put through a drill which will have a very pleasing effect. The most important feature of the drill is training in mounting and dismounting, and the girls prove themselves apt pupils, mounting and dismounting with the precision of cavalrymen.

A LADIES' BICYCLE CLUB. - The San Francisco Examiner, 01 Sep 1894