With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 02 Feb 1891

From Wooljersey

With the Wheelmen.

A correspondent writes to say that an excellent arrangement of dates for bicycle races this season would be as follows: The league meet and races to be held in this city on May 30th; open the new track at the baseball grounds at San Jose on July 4th and race at Stockton on September 9th. This would make an excellent circuit and many men could be induced to race and keep in training for the three meets. The clubs that intend to hold races should have a meeting and decide on dates at once, so that racing men may know how matters stand.

The rain of Saturday prevented the carrying out of many projected rides for yesterday, but will serve to keep the roads in splendid condition for the road race of the Bay City Wheelmen next Sunday, February 8th. Many of the members have signified their intention of entering so that a fine day's sport may be looked for. The club run called to witness the start will leave the city at 9:15 o'clock, creek route, and after the start will continue to Haywards.

That the unattached wheelmen are beginning to appreciate the advantages of membership in a live cycling club is evidenced by the applications for membership received during the past four days by the Bay City Wheelmen from the foilowing cyclists: Thomas Irvine, David Marshall, A. J. Bunnemann, J. W. Harbert, J. F. Brown Jr., Thomas Watters, A. J. Stewart, O. Jensen, A. Pettersen and H. Schmidt. F. W. Pierson, formerly secretary of the Bay City Wheelmen, who resigned from the club, has applied for reinstatement.

W. A. Shockley, the coast safety champion, was in the city yesterday from Candelaria, Nev. He contemplates a cycling tour through Southern Europe, after which he anticipates a wheel trip through Great Britain and Ireland.