W. A. Shockley

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Walter Alden Shockley 15 July 1866 – 21 August 1950


The fourth Bay City club run of the season was held on Sunday, March 30th. Twenty members participated, riding down the bay road to Redwood City, where the run was dismissed by Captain Cook. Some of the riders went to San Mateo for a swim, others returned via the Mission road, and Messrs. Skelton, McClure and Shockley went on to San Jose.

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889

Shockley is getting in fine trim for the safety race and at the same time in condition for the boxing tournament of the Olympic Club. He is said to be quite handy with the gloves.


One-mile novice - Henry Smith, G. C. W..; Joseph Desimone, G. C. W.; Paul Stockton, San Jose; W. A. Shockley, B. C. W.; E. P. Ailborn, University California; E. F. Haas, University California; T. W. Durant; R. S. Ingraham, S. F. B. C.; T. H. Doane, B. C. W.; Clarence Howard, B. C. W.


Two-mile Safety handicap - Paul Stockton, San Jose, 125 yards; L. R. Cole, San Jose, scratch; C. B. Lakeman, University Wheelmen, scratch: W. N. Schockley, B. C. W., scratch; C. F. English, B. C. W., scratch; George Siebe, B. C. W., 125 yards; C. N. Langton, B. C. W., 100 yards; G. S. Balsh, S. F. B. C., 75 yards.


One-mile handicap - H. Smith, G. C. W., 60 yards; Al Cole, G. C. W, 60 yards; F. E. Southworth, O. L. W., 40 yards; J. E. Hickinbotham, O. L. W., scratch; W. Needham, G. C. W., 60 yards; [[W. A. Shockley|W. A. Schockley, B. C. W., 50 yards; S. Hodgekins, B. C. W., 40 yards.

Wheeling. - The San Francisco Examiner, 29 Apr 1889

The starters in the fourth race were: A. L. Wulff, Oak Leaf: C. B. Lakenau, unattached; C. P. Fonda, San Francisco; W. A. Shockley, C. N. Langton and Sanford Plummer of the Bay Citys. Lakenau and Fonda drew out when it is seen that they were not in the race and Plummer took the lead to the last lap, when Shockley made a fast spurt, leading to the finish in 2:59 1/2, Plummer a good second, Wulft last.


The two-mile safety handicap, the coast record being 6:31 4-5, had four entries, but Wulff and Lakenau, who were placed at scratch, said the allowance of 125 yards to Shockley was to much, and refuse to run. Shockley and Langton started at scratch, and Shockley won in 6:25, breaking the record.

The Bicycle Races at Stockton. - San Francisco Chronicle, 05 Jul 1889

The starters in this race were A. L. Wulff of the Oakleaf, C. B. Lakenau, unattached, C. P. Fonda of San Francisco, W. A. Shockley, C. M. Langton and Sanford Plummer of the Bay City. Lakenau and Fonda drew out when it was seen that they were not in the race, and Plummer took the lead to the last lap. Shockley then made a fast spurt and led to the finish, winning in 2:59 1/2. Plummer made a good second and Wulff last.

FAST WHIRRING WHEELS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 05 Jul 1889

At Stockton on the 4th, W. A. Shockley bicycled half a mile in 1:20 2-5, breaking the coast record of 1:23.

The Sacramento Bee, 05 Jul 1889

Unless Shockley returns from Nevada his safety records will probably be taken from him.

THE WHEELMEN. - The Napa Register, 25 Oct 1889

Plummer went to Napa on Thanksgiving Day last prepared to lower the one and two mile safety coast records, but the track was so bad no fast time could be made. W. A. Shockley holds these records now, but Plummer's friends say they will come down on the Fourth, while it has been hinted that Shockley will come back from Nevada prepared to hold his own. Many new safety riders have developed since last year, so it is possible for some unknown to prevent efther from taking first place. The races promise to be the most exciting and interesting ever seen in California.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 May 1890

W. A. Shockley, the coast safety champion, was in the city yesterday from Candelaria, Nev. He contemplates a cycling tour through Southern Europe, after which he anticipates a wheel trip through Great Britain and Ireland.

With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 02 Feb 1891