The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, Sep 10 1888

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The L. A. W. logo is upside down on this issue.

The Wheel.

Official organ [L. A. W.]

L. A. W. upside down San Francisco Chronicle Mon Sep 10 1888 .jpeg

EDWIN Mohrig, San Francisco, chief consul; J. Phil Percival, Los Angeles, vice-consul: Alexander S. Ireland, Oakland, secretary-treasurer. Representatives - George H. Frost, Pasadena; C. C. Moore, Stockton; Thomas L. Hill, San Francisco, Club representatives — J. J. Bliss and C. C. Moore, Bay City Wheelmen; J. W. A. Off, Los Angeles Wheelmen; S. F. Booth Jr., Outing 'Cycling Club: J. M. Curran, San Francisco Bicycle Club.

The time of the meeting of the new board of division officers has been changed to Tuesday night, September 11th, at the Office of Dr. Thomas L. Hill. Representatives will please take notice.

The Los Angeles boys intend to make a hard fight to secure the next division meet for Los Angeles. As we understand it, they are already up in arms, and will come before the next general meeting with a large prospectus, and a substantial guaranty. There seems to be a difference of opinion among the riders of Northern and Central California as to where the next meet will be held, but Southern California is unanimous, and that is a great deal in its favor.

The Bay City Wheelmen's Club celebrated its fourth birthday on Saturday evening, September, 1st, with one of its celebrated "smokers." The new parlor was taxed to its utmost to receive the members and guests, among whom were several wheelmen from San Mateo, San Jose, Alameda and Oakland. The evening was spent until 10 P. M. with cards, donkey game, music, declamation and singing, after which all hands made a voracious attack on eatables and some of Uncle Robert's punch. Festivities of various kinds reigned until 2 A. M.

This energetic club now commences its fifth year of success. Its record is one it is proud of. It has fairly held and maintained from its first existence its right to the title, "Masters of the Road and Path." It holds in its clubrooms every trophy ever offered in open competition for road racing.

Each year it has produced its championship winners as follows: 1884, Fred Russ Cook; 1885, Fred Russ Cook, W. G. Davis and S. F. Booth Jr.; 1888, Frank D. Elwell: 1887, Charles E. Adcock, and again in 1888 comes the sure winner, Frank D. Elwell. In records it covers all that have been made on the road, from individual times to its club century run, and on the track it holds the lion's share.

The eighth bicycle hop of the Bay City Wheelmen will be held Friday evening, September 28th, at Odd Fellows' Hail. It ins the intention of the Committee of Arrangements to eclipse if possible all previous affairs given by this club.

W. L Bolton of El Paso, Tex., and William J. Clayton of Silver City, N. M., made a match last week for a purse of $2500, between a horse and a bicycle, the race to come off within thirty days. The ground selected will be from Silver City to Deming, N. M., A distance of fifty-five miles, and R. S. Dimmick, a well-knows bicyclist, who is an operator in the Western Valon Telegraph office at El Paso, will ride the bicyole. In addition to the purse, a large amount of money has been waged on the result.