A New Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 21 Sep 1886

From Wooljersey

A New Bicycle Club.

Another bicycle club has been organized in this city with the following membership: R. H. Magill, L. A. Kelly, Guy C. Earl, C. A. Beiderman, A. S. Ireland, C. L. Tisdale, W. W. Harrison, F. H. Blum, Robert Edgar and A. J. Bowman. The first meeting of the club will be held next Wednesday evening. This club is not organized for shape, but for endurance. It comprises those hardy members of existing clubs who delight to plow the San Leandro road - the veterans who are not afraid to make the trip from Oakland to San Jose and back again between sunrise and gloaming. They are distance riders, who have taken "headers.” They are men who scorn everything in the shape of a tricycle, except an automatic tandem with a pretty girl on the front seat. They are organizing for records, and they intend to get there just the same.