The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Mar 1887

From Wooljersey

The Bicycle.

C. A. Biederman will ride a racer this season.

Captain Meeker will ride a 50-inch. He says he will not have so far to fall as formerly.

Elwell and Fahrbach have commenced training for the May races.

The Bay City Wheelmen will have a club run to Redwood City and return on April 3d, and on the 10th they will have their 100-mile run about which there has been so much talk.

The Bay City Wheelmen have procured a large store on Van Ness avenue, and are fitting it up as a clubroom. There will be a gymnasium, baths, wheelroom, parlor and all the necessities of a first-class clubhouse. This change has been rendered necessary by the large increase in membership the club has had during the year past.

It is said that G. P. Mills, who holds all the long-distance records, will compete in the 100-mile race that is to take place at St. Louis during the S. A. W. meet in May. All the great road-riders of this country will be in it.

Mssrs. Patrick, Houseworth and Austin of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, accompanied by George Adams made the trip from San Rafael to Petaluma yesterday. They report the road in good condition and the weather quite warm.

The roads in the different directions are in better condition than they have been for couple of years, and it is surprising that more wheelmen are not taking advantage of them instead of using the park. Now is the time of the year to ride in the country, before the warm weather comes on and the roads begin to get cut up and dusty by heavy teaming.

Ben Patrick intends starting for a tour to San Luis Obispo about April 10th, through the Santa Clara and Salinas valleys. He intends to be gone about a week, returning by steamer.

N. A. Givovich, a member of the San Francisco Club, left for his home in Austria last Tuesday, to be gone two years. It is his intention to organize an Austrian Division of the League of American Wheelmen.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club will hold a run to Haywards next Sunday.

At the league meet to be held at Santa Cruz July 4th, it is said there will be a bicycle camp.