Bay district race track

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Bay District Racing Track

A few of the experts then tried a ride along the sandy Ocean beach by way of experiment, but found the tide was too high to permit for that sort of amusement, and so, shortly after 10 o'clock, the bicycle cavalcade set out to return home, stopping at the half-mile track with the intention of trying a brush, but owing to its heavy condition no note of the time was taken.

BICYCLE-RIDING. Meet on the Point Lobos Road, and Formation of a Club - Fri, Nov 29, 1878 - Page 3 - San Francisco Chronicle

According to this 1882 Faust's Map & Guide Of San Francisco, the "half-mile track" where they considered "trying a brush" was here, occupying the land between 2nd to 6th Avenues, and Fulton Street to Geary Boulevard.

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