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Bay City Wheelmen

Among the list of members are: C. E. Adcock, C. A. Angell, E. W. Adams, J. E. Bauer, F. R. Cook, H. C. Cummins, S. Cole, Jos. Cox, F. D. Elwell, E. Fahrbach, T. S. Hill, J. R. Hopkins, W. S. Hopkins, C. A. Howard, J. G. Humphrey, F. C. James, W. M. Meeker, E. Mohrig, C. C. Moore, D. Milroy, A. C. Miller, D. O'Callaghan, F. W. Pierson, N. A. Robinson, F. Richardson, R. A. Smyth, C. J. Schuster, W. D. Sheldon, Thomas Stevenson, William Tietjen, R. W. Turner, R. M. Welch, T. W. Gilmore, A. Lund, P. A. Libby, D. A. Avery, Charles Euler, S. Plummer, R. Thompson, C. A. Elliott, W. A. Searles, W. J. Munro, C. N. Langton, W. J. Gilmore, M. D. Garrett, H. C. Burmeister, [Burmester] E. D. Woodman, S. H Knapp Jr., G. R. Butler, F. E. Browning G. H. Froboese, W. E. Thompson, L Hodgkins, W. H. Middlehoff, H. A. Pogue, Charles Hammer, G. D. Shelton, J. J. Hull, William Hull, J. J. Bliss, C. E. Debney, Louis Hinz, Niles Searls Jr., J. W. McClure, James H. Stack, Reed Hawley, T. S Thornberg, E. N. Radke, J. A. Haisley, F. E. Johnston, D. W. Donnelly, F. E Walsh and J. N. Welch.

BAY CITY WHEELMEN, Well-Known Athletes Who Travel Around on Wheels. - The San Francisco Examiner, Oct 14, 1888

C. N. Langton and companion started for Mount Tamalpais on Sunday, but owing to the muddy conditions of the roads had to abandon the trip.

THE WHEEL. - Probable Contestants for the District Championships. - Sun, Apr 27, 1890 - Page 1 - The San Francisco Call

Several parties are being formed to wheel to the Yosemite this year, one consisting of W. M. Meeker, Walter. D. Sheldon, S. H. Knapp Jr. and R. M. Thompson, who expect to go in May. Ed Landis, C. N. Langton and H. A. Spalding will go the latter part of June. F. W. Ray, J. G. Cox, E. W. Adams and others will go to Lake Tahoe. Sanford Plummer, George P. Wetmore, Thomas H. Doane and C. W. Hammer will probably do the Yosemite some time during the season.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Mar 1890

Among those present were: George F. Drake, Harrold J. Gage, A. A. Bouton, L. White, J. F. Revolk, S. K. Irish, G. Iveson; A. C. Lassen, Dr. Cross of Stockton, George Gilson, Dr. Van Norden, S. Small, Charles Bassert, M. Ives, George A. Merrill, A. F. Nye, E. C. Prindle, G. S. Clark, H. E. Albrecht; G. Keil, W. H. R. Brown, R. R. Cook, W. M. Meeker, C. W. Hammer, C. N. Langton, C. A. Howard, R. M. Thompson, George P. Wetmore, R. A. Smyth, Charles Enler, T. V. W. Varney, F. W. Ray, W. E. Thompson, Allan Marshall, Leonard. G. Rowell, E. W. Adams, J. Holroyd, C. Hyde, H. W. Spalding, F. W. Leadbetter, E. C. Landis, Thomas Stevenson, J. Stevens Sperry, L. G. Hodgkins, P. A. Libbey, S. Plummer, F. E. Richardson, Thomas H. Sloane and others.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Apr 1890

The following returned on the train, and of this number fifty-three completed the century: W. M. Meeker, in charge of the run; A. M. Thompson, [R. M. Thompson] G. P. Wetmore, F. R. Cook, T. L. Hill, E. C. Landis, F. W. Ray, A. E. McKinney, J. L Miller, J. F. C. Holroyd, C. Emler, G. A. Morrill, T. E. Bullivant, G. Sheller, H. A. Pogue, W. I. Gilmour, T. W. Gilmour, C. H. Bliss, E. S. Broadwater, R. Fairbanks, W. W. Needham, G. L. Kessling, J. A. Delmas, Hy Smith, J. Smith, F. Larder, A. Rivett, E. D. Woodman, O. Granicher, Y. D. Hensiel, A. A. Deesing, W. R. Lipsett, R. R. Martin, L. G. Hodgkins, A. E. J. Nye, H. C. Hyde, E. C. Toie, H. W. Spaulding, L. A. Connoy, W. G. Watchers, F. A. Leadbetter, J. A. McNamara, C. Lapson, J. B. Lamb, C. N. Langton, S. Lubin, C. W. Hammer, S. Plummer, A. D. Allen, J. G. Cox, W. E. Thompson, T. H. Doane, T. Stevenson, H. F. Wynne, L. S. Stewart, F. A. McGrew and R. A. Smyth. Of the wheels ridden forty three were "ordinary," or tall wheels, and ten were safeties.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Jun 1890

Those on the run were Captain Thomas H. Doane, George P. Wetmore, Alex M. Burns, Charles Dietle, Alfred J. Storey, Arthur Barnes, Horace B. Sperry, Calvin N. Langton, Wallace Thompson, Theodore C. Dodge, Albert F. Buneman, Charles H. Rankin, George H. Bell and George Andrews, and "Tom," the club dog. Edwin Mohrig and Robert M. Welch started for a century run yesterday morning in order to get a bar for their "Century Club" badges.

Not a run, but rather a "climb and coast" - Mon, Nov 16, 1891, Page 3, San Francisco Chronicle