The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Apr 1890

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

[Official Organ of the L. A. W.]

The opening run of the Bay City Wheelmen was a grand success, over seventy wheelmen participating. The line was formed at Van Ness avenue and Market Street at 10 o'clock, with Captain T. E. Richardson in command, accompanied by Captain G. F. Drake of the Oakland Bicycle Club of 1887, with the latter club in the place of honor.

Lieutenant L. G. Hodgkins and J. Holroyd assisted the captain in keeping a perfect line. The column wheeled out Golden Gate avenue, through the park, to the Cliff, where a short halt was called, after which the ride to Lake Honda was enjoyed. Here the Bay City Wheelmen commissary, consisting of Messrs. Sperry, Cook and Butler, awaited them with a most refreshing repast, to which full justice was done. The afternoon was spent in various ways, some riding in the park, others wheeling to Lake Merced and many enjoying the music of the park band.

Among those present were: George F. Drake, Harrold J. Gage, A. A. Bouton, L. White, J. F. Revolk, S. K. Irish, G. Iveson; A. C. Lassen, Dr. Cross of Stockton, George Gilson, Dr. Van Norden, S. Small, Charles Bassert, M. Ives, George A. Merrill, A. F. Nye, E. C. Prindle, G. S. Clark, H. E. Albrecht; G. Keil, W. H. R. Brown, R. R. Cook, W. M. Meeker, C. W. Hammer, C. N. Langton, C. A. Howard, R. M. Thompson, George P. Wetmore, R. A. Smyth, Charles Enler, T. V. W. Varney, F. W. Ray, W. E. Thompson, Allan Marshall, Leonard. G. Rowell, E. W. Adams, J. Holroyd, C. Hyde, H. W. Spalding, F. W. Leadbetter, E. C. Landis, Thomas Stevenson, J. Stevens Sperry, L. G. Hodgkins, P. A. Libbey, S. Plummer, F. E. Richardson, Thomas H. Sloane and others.

The annual business meeting of the League of American Wheelmen was held Saturday evening in Pioneer Hall, Chief Consul R. M. Thompson presiding.

Reports were read by the chief consul, secretary, treasurer and chairman of the various standing committees, all showing a most favorable condition of affairs in the California division. The chief consul's report reviewed the work of the board of officers for the past year and showed the work outlined for the future. The secretary and treasurer's report showed a balance on hand of nearly $1100, with all debts paid. The reports of the racing board, touring board and Committee on Rights and Privileges were all favorable to the interests of the division. It was decided to hold the annual division meet and tournament in San Jose on July 4th and 5th. The chief consul appointed the following Committee of Arrangements for same: A. C. McKenney, A. C. Wagener and Al Cole of San Jose, Dr. Thomas L. Hill of San Francisco and George F. Drake of Oakland. It was the sense of the meeting to make this meet the grandest bicycle affair ever beld on the coast.

A. C. McKenna, in behalf of the Golden City Wheelmen, extended a cordial invitation to all L. A. W. members to be present. It was also decided to embrace in the programme of races for that occasion two district championship races, one mile and three mile, the winners of which are to be sent East to contest in the national championship at the expense of the division.

The touring board was instructed to call a country run during the month of June, the expenses of all league members attending to be paid by the division. The date and place and full arrangements were left to the chairman, W. M. Meeker.

It looks as though the present board of officers intend to make it an object for wheelmen to join the league. The general benefits and privileges ought to be inducement enough, but personal benefits are of course more inviting.

Many plans for the advancement and benefit of the division were proposed by Dr. J. W. Gibson, Dr. Thomas L. Hill, A. C. McKenney, F. R. Cook, R. A. Smyth, Thomas H. Doane, H. Lichtenstein, George F. Drake and others.

The chief consul expressed himself as much pleased with the present outlook and bright prospects of the division, and with the general awakening of interest which seems to have taken place throughout the division.