The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Mar 1890

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

(Official Organ California Division L. A. W.)

The board of officers of California Division, League of American Wheelmen met last Monday evening at the Oriel Hotel and fixed the date for holding the annual business meeting of the division for Saturday night, April 19th, at Sachem Hall, Red Men's building, 320 Post street. It is expected that a large attendance will be had at this meeting, as all members are interested in the coming league meet and tournament, the time and place for holding which will be decided there.

The Garden City wheelmen are anxious to have the meet in San Jose, and if they will provide a track for the races they will probably get it. Chief Consul Thompson favors San Jose, as he thinks a larger attendance can be had there than anywhere else, owing to the fact that it is within easy wheeling distance from San Francisco and Oakland, with good roads from both places. A number of the State championship races for this year will be contested at this meet. Wheelmen who wish to enter them should join the league at once, as none but members can do so. At the league hotels, which are being appointed by the chief consul throughout the State, wheelmen will be required to present their tickets of membership in the league before they can receive the benefits of special accomodations and reduced rates. It has heretofore been the custom to grant these to all wheelmen, but it was found that too many wheelmen would accept favors from the league without contributing to its support.

Chief Consul Thompson last week appointed three local consuls for San Francisco, Edwin W. Adams, George A. Morrill and L. Devany, and upon the recommendation of Local Consuls Gage of Oakland and Lassen of Alameda has appointed the Hotel Crelling of the former city and the Park Hotel of the latter league hotels.

Captain Drake of the Oakland Bicycle Club of '89 had called a club run to San Leandro for yesterday, but postponed it that his club might accept the invitation of the Bay Citys for their picnic run, which also had to be postponed owing to the inclement weather.

President Butler of the Bay Citys is actively engaged in bunting new quarters for that enterprising club and hopes to soon complete arrangements for housing the boys in gray in a place built to suit them.

Harry G. Stuart has been appointed local consul of the League of American Wheelmen for Los Angeles, and is actively engaged in securing recruits for the Southern Californian contingent. Mr. Stuart is an old and enthusiastic worker for the league, and is the right man in the right place.

Wheelmen are becoming discouraged at the continuous rains. Many trips are being planned, but the rain invariably interferes.

Several parties are being formed to wheel to the Yosemite this year, one consisting of W. M. Meeker, Walter D. Sheldon, S. H. Knapp Jr. and R. M. Thompson, who expect to go in May. Ed Landis, C. N. Langton and H. A. Spalding will go the latter part of June. F. W. Ray, J. G. Cox, E. W. Adams and others will go to Lake Tahoe. Sanford Plummer, George P. Wetmore, Thomas H. Doane and C. W. Hammer will probably do the Yosemite some time during the season.