Charles A. Elliot

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Bay City Wheelmen

Charles Elliot is an old-time rider. He became a member of the Bay City Wheelmen in 1887 and is now serving his second term as director. He is in the lumber business.

THE LEAGUE MEETING. - All the Crack Riders Will Compete. - Officers of the Bay City Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Jun 1893

The new board of directors of the Bay City Wheelmen went into office last night and the event was celebrated in a fitting tyle. The eleven men elected to the directorate for the ensuing year are: F. H. Kerrigan, W. D. Sheldon, W. H. Hallett, A. J. Menne, F. H. Watters Jr., S. Plummer, C. N. Langton, H. F. Terrill, G. H. Wetmore, W. H. Topeka [Toepke] and C. A. Elliot. These men are representative wheelmen whose names have been connected with the sport for years past, and with such good material the new board should make a wonderful improvement in the condition of the club.

THE WHEEL. - The San Francisco Call, 16 Sep 1894

There has been no opposition to the regular ticket of the Bay City Wheelmen for directors, as has been erroneously reported, and those who are elected for the ensuing year are: Hon. Frank H. Kerrigan, Sanford Plummer, Walter D. Sheldon, Albert J. Menne, William H. Toepke, Harry Larkin, Frank H. Watters, Charles A. Elliot, Horace P. Howard, Byron D. Bent and George P. Wetmore. The road officers are: Sanford Plummer, captain; George P. Caldwell, first lieutenant; Gustav Rosburg, second lieutenant.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 14 Sep 1895

Charles A. Elliot, one of the charter members of the Bay City Wheelmen, was married recently to Miss Smith of Stockton and is now receiving the congratulations of his friends and fellow members. In those good old cycling days when a rider (we all rode ordinaries then) knew personally every other rider in the City and the make of his wheel (there were only two or three different styles), Elliot was one of the most enthusiastic riders and took many long country trips in company with Steve Knapp, Billy Meeker, Ralph Thompson, Billy McClure, Fred Allan, Porter Libby, Robert M. Welch, Frank James, the writer and others, some of whose names you seldom hear of in cycling affairs nowadays.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 04 Jul 1896