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Frederick Robert Butz 1873 - 25 Mar 1914


A private road race, the result of which will be watched with a good deal of interest by the wheelmen around the bay, will be run next Saturday afternoon. The distance is from Oakland to San Jose, and the competing teams are members of the B. L. O. Club and "Our Sett," two offshoots of the Olympic Club Wheelmen. Each club has four members, and there has been considerable friendly rivalry between them of late as to who were the fastest riders. A dispute on this point led to a challenge from the club with the mysterious initials, which "Our Sett" forthwith accepted. The members of the latter club are: Wilbur F. Knapp, W. H. Stinson, J. E. Fagothey and L. B. Thomas. The B. L. O. Club is composed of Fred R. Butz, James W. Coffroth, Thomas S. Mulvey and Joseph F. Coffey. Each man will pay an entrance fee, with which a suitable prize for the winning team will be purchased. As the entire eight have reputations as speedy road runners it is safe to say the pace will be a hot one from start to finish, and possibly the record from Oakland to San Jose of 2 hours and 13 minutes, made by O. L. Pickard, June 10, 1894, will be lowered.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 31 Aug 1895

The reason for the departure of several of the most prominent wheelmen from the Olympic Club wheeling annex is because of a desire of one or two of the leaders to run the wheeling affairs of the club as they pleased. The general body of wheelmen objected to this system of government, so to speak, and a few evenings ago the disgruntled ones held a private meeting, with the result that the number of members mentioned signed an agreement to re from the annex and become members of the proposed new club. Among those who are strongly in favor of the formation of the new club are: F. R. Butz, J. Cooney, L. Conkling, Joseph F. Coffey, R. L. Long, I. Blake, Dr. Pinching, W. H. Simpson, Howard Vernon Jr., Judge Kerrigan, C. F. Morrell, Robert Long, T. Mulvey and J. W. Coffroth.

Olympic Cyclers - OLYMPIC CLUB DISPUTE. - The San Francisco Call, 18 Sep 1895

The Olympic Cyclers will have a run tomorrow to the Souther Farm, near San Leandro, taking the 9 A. M. boat. The trampers' annex of the club goes to the same place half an hour earlier, and they will join together in the merry-making. The new wheeling organization in the Olympic Club, it will thus be seen, has made itself popular with the devotees of other outdoor sports, which could never be said of the old annex. The latter is probably on its last legs now, as since the Fuller-Hunter regime has been broken up the better class of members are fast deserting it to join the Olympic Cyclers. As the membership of the latter will be limited to a hundred, however, a good many who come late will be left out in the cold, and as Jimmy Coffroth puts it: "That's the intention. We can have our pick of the best members and make the Cyclers what the wheeling annex should be - a band of young gentlemen interested in wheeling. With a limited membership we can close the doors in the faces of undesirable members. There will be no factions, party fights or axes to grind with us. We have no enemies among the other clubs - we want none. One of the first things Captain Butz will do will be to arrange a joint run with the Bay City Wheelmen, that we may extend the glad hand we have so long been forced to withhold against our wills just to suit the whims of a few disgruntled ex-members of the old San Francisco Bicycle Club." To all of which his fellow-members surrounding him cried: "Vive la Olympic Cyclers; away with the wheeling annex."

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 28 Sep 1895

The Olympic Cyclers will ride to San Jose to-day with Captain Butz in command. They will leave by the 8 A. M. broad-gauge boat and expect to reach there in ample time for lunch and the races in the afternoon.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 09 Nov 1895

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