WHEELMEN'S ROAD RACES - San Francisco Call - August 19, 1895

From Wooljersey


Olympic and Imperial Clubs' Five-Mile Events at San Mateo.

Walter Foster and Frank Byrne Make Best Time - Several Accidents.

There have been a great many road races held by the wheeling clubs in this vicinity during the past three months, but none have proved such drawing cards as the two five-mile events run off yesterday after-noon by the Olympic Club Wheelmen and the Imperial Cycling Club over the straight-away stretch from San Mateo to San Carlos.

Every wheeling club for miles around was represented, including all the San Francisco clubs, the Reliance and Acme of Oakland, Garden City Cyclers and San Jose Road club, Mountain View Cyclers, Redwood City Wheelmen and an army of unattached riders. There were all sorts of wheels and tandems, and a large number of charming bloomer girls, who seemed to take a lively interest in all the surroundings. The road was lined with teams from the surrounding towns.

It is evident the Olympic Club wheelmen know how to properly handle a road-race. The affair was originally placed in the hands of Captain Thornton, Secretary Hunter, and Messrs. Hobson and Stratton. Through their endeavors thirty-five riders were soon actively training for yesterday's race, and much enthusiasm and friendly rivalry was manifested.

Then when it came to the question of prizes they were very liberal, and in the selection of officials to manage the race only the most experienced and efficient were chosen. Under all these advantageous circumstances it is little wonder the race was a success.

The Imperial Club also chose its prizes and officials well, and though not having as many entrants as the Olympics the proportion compared to their respective memberships was equal.

It was two minutes and fifteen seconds past 2 o'clock when J. F. McGlynn, than whom there is no better starter on the coast, sent the limit-men off in the Olympic race, and the others followed in quick succession.

The winner turned up in R. Irones, practically a new rider, who had a handicap of two minutes. Walter Foster made best time, 12:33, but this is slow for him, and he must have been out of form. The net riding time of Chapman, Bernhard, Whitman, Lemmon, Fuller and Christ does not vary more than ten seconds, as will be seen by the following table, which shows the positions at the finish, handicaps and net riding time:

Caption text
CONTESTANTS. Handicap. Net riding time.
R. Irones 2 min. 13:25
F. S. Judah 2 min. 13:30
John P. Plageman 2 1/4 min. 14:13
C. N. Ravlin 1 3/4 min. 13:51
L. H. Smith 2 min. 14:00
Fred R. Butz 2 min. 14:01
B. W. Bernhard 1 min. 13:07
J. W. Coffroth 2 1/4 min. 14:23
C. F. Lemmon 1 min. 13:09
George Fuller 1 min. 13:10
James Mulvey 2 3/4 min. 14:59
E. C. Wilson 2 3/4 min. 15:01
George E. Kroetz 1 1/2 min. 13:48
Ed Chapman 3/4 min. 13:04
H. Cosgriff 2 1/2 min. 14:50
W. J. Christ 3/4 min. 13:14
O. H. Hanson 1 1/2 min. 14:03
W. F. Foster Scratch. 12:33
D. E. Whitman 1/2 min. 13:08
James A. Code 2 min. 15:11
John Beckett 1 1/4 min. 14:39
Ed M. Stack 1 3/4 min. 15:30
O. W. Davis 2 1/4 min. 17:35
Thomas Mulvey 1 3/4 min. 17:06

At half-past 2 the Imperial race started from San Mateo. Near Belmont Foard fell and Holling and Barley stopped to see if he was badly injured, thus losing all chance in the race, but such an act of kindness would make road racing more popular if of more frequent occurrence. Fortunately Foard escaped with only a few bruises.

Frank M. Byrne made a great ride from the scratch, passing every man but one, and there were twenty of them. His time was 12:05 4-5, though owing to a variance of one minute in the starter's and timer's watches it was at first stated to be a minute faster, which would have been under the world's record. The error was discovered and rectified on the train coming home, and the Imperials though somewhat disappointed had the satisfaction of knowing their man had made the fastest time of the day. B. Lyon won the race with two minutes handicap. The riders finished as follows:

Caption text
CONTESTANTS. Handicap. Net riding time.
B. Lyon 2 min. 13:49 1-5
F. M. Byrne Scratch. 12:05 4-5
J. P. Jaegling 3/4 min. 13:01 2-5
P. Metcalf 1/2 min. 12:47
E. I. Bozio 1 1/4 min. 14:00
G. H. Radke 3/4 min. 14:22
J. F. Burns 1 min. 13:45 2-5
J. S. Egan 2 1/4 min. 13:31
George Panario 1 min. 13:48
Ed Langer 1 1/4 min. 14:19
George Clabrough 1 1/4 min. 14:57
J. W. Dawson 1 1/2 min. 15:22
O. L. Foard 1 1/2 min. 16:18

The wheelmen nearly all decided to return by train as there was a strong head wind, and so about 200 rode to San Mateo. After filling two baggage-cars with wheels, which were tumbled in like trunks by the trainmen and piled anyway they happened to fall, it was found necessary to attach a box car to the train for the balance. This delayed the train half an hour, and similar trouble and delay was experienced at Valencia-street station when they were unloaded. Broken spokes, punctured tires, scratched enamel and other damages were the rule after the wheels were taken out, and the clubs talk of boycotting the railroad and riding their wheels home hereafter unless the company makes some provision for their safe carriage.

The Bay City Wheelmen held a progressive euchre party and smoker Saturday night. Charles K. Melrose won the euchre game and a silver matchbox as the prize. R. M. Welsh, F. L. Day and C. M. Nutter also made high scores. The club had a run to the park yesterday morning and rode to San Carlos afterward to see the races.

The Liberty Cycling Club and its ladies' annex made an attractive showing in the park yesterday, the ladies being well represented and nearly all wore the bloomer costume.