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The Olympic Cyclers were a second bicycling club in the Olympic Club. The first club was the Olympic Club Wheelmen.


San Francisco, CA




Cyclers Who Are Dissatisfied and Will Form a New Organization.


Sixty Members Have Seceded. Boxing Matches Arranged by the Superintendent.

The big dispute in the Olympic Club cycling annex has come and sixty members have seceded to form a new organization of their own, which will be known as the Olympic Club Cyclers.

The reason for the departure of several of the most prominent wheelmen from the Olympic Club wheeling annex is because of a desire of one or two of the leaders to run the wheeling affairs of the club as they pleased. The general body of wheelmen objected to this system of government, so to speak, and a few evenings ago the disgruntled ones held a private meeting, with the result that the number of members mentioned signed an agreement to re from the annex and become members of the proposed new club. Among those who are strongly in favor of the formation of the new club are: F. R. Butz, J. Cooney, L. Conkling, Joseph F. Coffey, R. L. Long, I. Blake, Dr. Pinching, W. H. Simpson, Howard Vernon Jr., Judge Kerrigan, C. F. Morrell, Robert Long, T. Mulvey and J. W. Coffroth.

The latter gentleman said yesterday that it was about time that a club was organized that would keep its eyes open to the interest of the wheelmen.

"The Olympic Club should certainly have in its ranks the leading wheeling organization of the State," said Mr. Coffroth.

"With the facilities at hand for training and comfort for the members there can be no reason assigned for the poor showing the club has made occasionally in race meetings. I have no hesitation in saying that the formation of a new club will stir up the flagging interest in Olympic wheeling and that the members as well as the officers will have a say in the management of affairs.

"However, a meeting will be held at the Olympic Club on Friday evening for the purpose of forming a new club."

Those who propose to join the new club favor F. R. Butz for captain and J. Cooney for lieutenant. The meeting promises to be exceedingly spirited and exciting.


OLYMPIC CLUB DISPUTE. - The San Francisco Call, 18 Sep 1895

OLYMPIC CYCLERS. Officers and Directors Elected at the Meeting Held Last Evening. The Olympic cyclers held an enthusiastic meeting last evening and the large attendance of members indicated that the club is in perfect harmony and a thriving condition.

The principal object of the meeting was to elect directors and officers for the ensuing term. With but two exceptions the old board was re-elected, and there is no change in the officers. The directors for the ensuing term are: J. F. Coffey, J. H. Sheehan, S. I. Blake, T. B. McGinniss, F. R. Butz, Lloyd Conkling, Dr. O. B. Burns, Charles F. Morel, W. D. Shea.

The officers are: J. F. Coffey, president; J. H. Sheehan, vice-president; T. B. McGinniss, secretary; S. I. Blake, treasurer: F. R. Butz, captain; J. F. Cooney, first lieutenant; George W. Conroy, second lieutenant.

It was decided to invite the Olympic Club wheelmen to a joint run with the cyclers at some near future date.

A special meeting will be held Friday evening, January 24, to receive a committee from the League of American Wheelmen, which will address the club upon the desirability of its joining the league.

OLYMPIC CYCLERS. Officers and Directors Elected at the Meeting Held last Evening. - The San Francisco Call, 11 Jan 1896

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