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Bay City Wheelmen

There are 39 matches for "Bay City Wheelmen" "h. a. goddard" in US newspapers, and 6 matches for "bay city wheelmen" "h. h. goddard". The clippings from the same date, and others establish that the person's name was Harry Austin Goddard, and that there was no H. H. Goddard on the Bay City Wheelmen.

H. H. Goddard of the Bay City Wheelmen and his brother were on their way to attend the races at San Jose Thursday evening when a baker named Egenberg of Alameda, who has a particular dislike for wheelmen, blocked their roadway and by so doing caused a complete wreck of Goddard's wheel and hurt him. Egenberg was arrested on Saturday last and will be prosecuted by the League of American Wheelmen, Mr. Goddard being a member of this powerful body.

H. H. Goddard 1 14 Sep 1895, Sat San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

H. H. Goddard 2 14 Sep 1895, Sat San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

H. A. Goddard of the Bay City Wheelmen has sworn out a warrant charging one B. Egenberger of Alameda with battery. Goddard was riding his wheel toward San Leandro Thursday evening, when he met Egenberger and two friends on foot, somewhat intoxicated. As he passed they reached out and grabbed him from his wheel, and as he was riding very fast, the effect can be better imagined than described. He was considerably bruised by the consequent fall, and the wheel was wrecked. He learned the names of his assailants, and besides the battery case will enter a civil suit to recover damages for the broken wheel. The League of American Wheelmen will prosecute both cases, this being one of the advantages of membership in that organization - legal protection.

H. A. Goddard 14 Sep 1895, Sat The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

H. Austin Goddard of the Bay City Wheelmen departed on the Mariposa for Australia Thursday afternoon, and a large delegation of his clubmates was down to the boat to see him off. Tuesday evening previous President Frank H. Kerrigan gave a dinner party at a downtown rotisserie in honor of Mr. Goddard and James Joyce Jr. Those present were: H. Austin Goddard, James Joyce Jr., Frank H. Kerrigan, George P. Wetmore, William H. Toepke, Herbert D. Clark, David McT. Marshall, Ivan Treadwell and H. W. Spalding.

Mr. Joyce is still in the city, but expects to go back East in a few lays.

A touching scene was enacted in a prominent local club the other evening, when H. Austin Goddard and Edwin S. Battles met for the first time since their memorable match race over the San Leandro course two years ago. At that time it was the event of the month, as both were known as hardy road riders, and bringing them together was the matching of champions. Both belonged to the Bay City Wheelmen, and the club members split in their partisanship, one-half favoring Battles and the other Goddard. A good deal of feeling was engendered and considerable sums of money changed hands on the result. Goddard won after a hard fought contest, but Battles, though beaten, was not disgraced, and he and his backers sat down to a banquet thirty strong that night, not to drown their sorrows, but to show that they were "easy losers."

After that night Battles and Goddard kept out of each other's way, and many thought an enmity for life had been formed, but not so. Goddard went East shortly afterward, and returned last week after eighteen months' absence, passing through this city en route to Australia. He visited his club and almost the first man he met was Battles. "Hello, Eddie"; "Hello, Austin," they greeted each other, and with a hearty handshake sat down and for an hour rehashed the old story of that memorable ride. And neither would consent to a return match.

From RELAY BETWEEN OLYMPIC AND RENO RIDERS - The San Francisco Call, 21 May 1898

Harry Austin Goddard, the hero of the famous: Goddard-Battles race which stirred local cycling circles so two years ago, again honored the officials' box by his presence. Mr Goddard's recent trip to Australia has developed some English ideas as to cycle racing, but he is still an enthusiast at the game.