Howard E. Raymond

From Wooljersey

Howard Edwin Raymond Dec 25, 1865 - 08 Oct 1928


Brooklyn Bicycle Club


I first knew Chairman Howard E. Raymond of the National Racing Board when he was one of the strong road riders of the Brooklyn Bicycle Club. I believe at that time he was Captain. The first official position I remember his occupying was that of timer at the [Buffalo tournament of 1890], when Van Waggoner won the 100-mile road race. He made an excellent timer, though I believe he got caught that day on the fake telegram gotten up by "Birdie" Munger, announcing Austin Crooks as running away from the great Van Waggoner and being hours ahead of the world's record, though thirty miles from the finish.

Howard Raymond was always of good judgment, and when he was appointed on the National Racing Board, after serving on the New York State Division Racing Board, those who knew him best looked for great changes, while to most of the country he was unknown. He did not disappoint his acquaintances and was soon Chairman, which office he has filled for several years and so ably that he needs no praise.

The classing of amateurs to cover the promateurs and makers' amateurs is a scheme of Chairman Raymond and it is already working well. Though a young man, and one of the youngest on the L. A. W. Board of Officers, he has shown himself to be the best Chairman the Racing Board has ever had. One of Raymond's fancies is a very light gray suit and the ultra-English cap, and Howard loves a joke as well as the next man.

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