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John Woodburn Gibson 11 December 1859 – 13 December 1931

brother of Frederick W. Gibson


San Francisco Bicycle Club

Its present membership is as follows: Ralph de Clairmont, Herman C. Eggers, George J. Hobe, Chas. L. Leonard, Charles A. Butler, Columbus Waterhouse, Fred Waterhouse, Henry C. Finkler, Alfred H. Cables, John B. Martin, Henry London, James W. Kerr, Morris Feintuch, Frank A. McLaughlin, John W. Gibson, Robt. T. Verrinder, Henry L. Chambers, John C. Quinn, Geo. R. Butler, Henry R. Judah, J. W. Winter, Walter S. Kelley, Walter E. Slack, Harry A. Greene, Isaac Ehrenberg, James A. White, Frank A. Osborn, Jason W. Nash, James Sanderson, Frederick W. Gibson and John F. M. McCarthy. The Club uniform is neat and tasteful, consisting of a darkbrown Parole jacket, knee breeches and stockings, and black cap with visor. The Club colors are blue and white.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

Addresses were also delivered by Captain Harrison Houseworth and R. M. Welch, Chief Consul of the L. A. W., Pacific Division. Mr. Stevens was spoken of in the kindliest manner, and ultimately was presented with an autograph album containing the names of the members of the club, with appropriate sentiments, and a special copy of the "California Road Book" by its compiler, John W. Gibson. Refreshments were then served, and at a late hour good nights were reluctantly spoken.

FAREWELL TO STEVENS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Jan 1887

A sub-committee of the Committee of Arrangements for the annual meet at Santa Cruz on July 4th next, visited that place on Saturday, the 12th inst, and were very hospitably entertained by Consul Radke. They found the citizens very anxious to have the wheelmen visit them on the 4th, and willing to offer every facility except in the matter of sleeping accommodations. These it was found impossible to secure from any of the hotels. A general meeting of the committee was held in this city on Thursday evening last, and a report received from the delegation sent to Santa Cruz. E. N. Radke of Santa Cruz, R. G. Bailey of San Jose and Harrison Houseworth and John W. Gibson of the San Francisco Bicycle Club were added to the committee. The plan of a three-days' camp at Santa Cruz is now being considered.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Mar 1887

Messrs. Letcher and Gibson of the San Francisco Club intend making a trip to the Oregon line early in May. From all accounts this is considered a very hard trip.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 11 Apr 1887

J. W. Gibson's "California Road and Hand Book" continues to be of great value to all 'cyclists. It is a compact little affair and contains, in concise form, much valuable road information.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Examiner, 21 Mar 1887

CHIEF consul, Robert M. Welch; representatives, John W. Gibson, J. D. Arkison, R. C. Woodworth, C. C. Moore; secretary and treasurer, N. A. Robinson.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 May 1887

Mr. Jno. W. Gibson, publisher of the California Road Book, came down with the S. F. B. C. as 2d Lieut.

Santa Cruz Surf, 04 Jul 1887

The San Francisco Bicycle Club assembled in full force at the rooms last evening to bid goodby to one of its members, John W. Gibson, who will start East in a few days to complete his medical studies. Mr. Gibson has been one of the most active members of the club, and it was through his untiring efforts that the “California Road and Hand Book,” which is very useful to California roadsters, was issued.

The members of the club were not going to allow Gibson to depart without showing him a mark of esteem, and they had a handsome gold-headed cane made, which was presented to him last night.

The cane is of California wood. Upon the bend is engraved the badge of the California Branch, L. A. W., and around the gold is inscribed, "Presented to John W. Gibson by the S. F. B. C."

President Columbus Waterhouse made the presentation speech, which was briefly responded to by the surprised recipient.

BIDDING GIBSON GOOD-BY. - The San Francisco Examiner, 29 Nov 1887