FAREWELL TO STEVENS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Jan 1887

From Wooljersey


The San Francisco Bicycle Club's Last Entertainment.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club gave Thomas Stevens, the world-famous bicyclist, a farewell reception at their cosy clubrooms last evening. The apartments were prettily decorated for the occasion with evergreens and bunting. Two immense American flags were draped from the front windows, and formed the background for the sentiment, "Welcome, Our Hero Wheelman, Thomas Stevens." At 9 o'clock Columbus Waterhouse, President of the club called the meeting to order, and in a few appropriate remarks stated its object. Thereafter the following programme was rendered:

Song, club quartet, consisting of B. C. Austin, A. M. Brown, Charles Wheaton and Charles Fonda; reading, Charles A. McDonald; violin solo, Beverly Letcher; card tricks, Thomas S. Cobden; Vocal solo, B. C. Austin Jr.; poem, Morris Feintuch, club poet; song, club quartet; remarks, Benjamin H. Patrick: vocal duet C. P. Fonda, B. C. Austin Jr.; remarks, Thomas Stevens; song, club quartet; piano solo, Henry S. Fonda.

Addresses were also delivered by Captain Harrison Houseworth and R. M. Welch, Chief Consul of the L. A. W., Pacific Division. Mr. Stevens was spoken of in the kindliest manner, and ultimately was presented with an autograph album containing the names of the members of the club, with appropriate sentiments, and a special copy of the "California Road Book" by its compiler, John W. Gibson. Refreshments were then served, and at a late hour good nights were reluctantly spoken.

Among those present were the following: George J. Hobe, J. Sanderson, Thomas Stevens, R. de Clairmont, T. S. Cobden, A. F. Lawton, H. Houseworth, Charles L. Davis, D. O'Callaghan, Alex Caven, Beverly Letcher, Harry Fonda, Charles P. Fonda, Charles B. Wheaton, A. M. Brown, B. C. Austin Jr., C. Waterhouse, M. Feintuch, H. A. Greene, O. C. Haslett, H. M. Whitely, R. M. Welch, N. A. Givovich, J. W. Gibson, B. H. Patrick, H. C. Finkler, W. Davis, J. F. McCarthy and Martin Gibson.