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A book with descriptions of cycling routes and maps, for a cyclist to use as a guide for bicycle rides, usually published by the local division of the League of American Wheelmen

Some examples:

The North California Division, League of American Wheelmen, has issued the following circular to all local consuls, league hotels and representatives, which explains itself:

SAN FRANCISCO, August 20, 1896. Dear Sir: I beg to advise you that certain parties, professing to be connected with the North California Division, League of American Wheelmen, are soliciting advertisements for a road book, announcing that it is the official League of American Wheelmen road book. Such statements are false, and you are urged to use your power among your townspeople, informing them of this fact.

The official league road book of this division is now being completed, and will be issued about September 30, and the only advertisements to be found therein are from the tradespeople of San Francisco.

Kindly give this the publicity which it deserves, thereby aiding the board of officers of this division. Fraternally yours,

North California Division, League of American Wheelmen.
FRANK H. KERRIGAN, Chief Consul. STANLEY G. SCOVERN, Secretary-Treasurer.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call - August 29, 1896

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