MANY EVENTS FOR WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle - July 31, 1904

From Wooljersey


All of the Clubs Have Races and Runs Scheduled for To-Day and the Near Future.

There are any number of events on schedule for the wheelmen of the different clubs to-day and in the near future, both in racing and club runs. At Sacramento to-day the Garden City Wheelmen of San Jose will meet the Capital City Wheelmen in a fifty-mile relay race. Each will be represented by its strongest team, and some keen competition is expected. The Sacramento club has defeated the crack Reno team on two different occasions and has the remarkable record of having won fourteen out of nineteen relay races. The Garden City Wheelmen's record is well known, as they have won the 100-mile race around the bay five consecutive times. With records such as these there will be some great racing and some records may be shattered.

The Pacific Motorcycle Club will hold an endurance run around the bay to-day. This is the first event of this kind held and about fifty enthusiasts have signified their intention of making the 100-mile trip.

The Golden Gate Wheelmen will hold a twenty-five-mile handicap road race to-day over the Haywards triangle. Twenty-seven riders have entered the event. Among them are such cracks as Cunningham, Lawrence, Steinman, Shattuck, Randall and Daggett.

Walnut Creek has become a popular run with many of the local wheelmen. A large number of the riders of the California Cycling Club will make the run this morning. The roads in this vicinity are said to be in the best of condition. Other members of this club I will make the longer trip to the Santa Cruz mountains awheel. Among them are Joe Bell, Frank Bell, C. L. McEnerney, E. D. Lees, A. Carl and F. N. Bent.

The New Century Wheelmen have challenged the Oakland Wheelmen to a return race to be ridden over the Haywards triangle on August 14th. These two clubs finished close together in the three-cornered race last week, and the New Century's feel confident that they can reverse the decision in the event of another meeting.

The California Cycling Club in conjunction with the Oakland Wheelmen will make the Walnut Creek run next week. There will be races and games of all kinds when the destination is reached.

The Bay City Wheelmen are preparing for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the club, which takes place some few weeks hence. A special meeting was held during the week to discuss plans, and a large number of wheeling enthusiasts were in attendance. The event will be for members and ex-members only. Everybody who was ever a member of the Bay City Club will be sent a notice, and it is expected that the run will eclipse anything of the kind ever held in this vicinity. As outlined at present, there will be a smoker on a Saturday night and a barbecue and club run on the following day. The run will be to some near-by point of interest and a feature will be the presence of some of the old time riders on their high wheels. Others will ride their small cushion-tired wheels, and in fact, there will be bicycles of every description when the riders line up for the start.

Last Saturday some of the Bay City Wheelmen deserted their wheels for the time being and walked up Mount Tamalpais track to West Point, then down the new stage road to Dipsea. On Sunday they returned to the city. A number of the Bay City riders have signed for the Mount Diablo run, which is scheduled for the near future. An interesting tour which this club is planning for some future date will be from Martinez through San Ramon valley to Danville, then through the Tassajaro valley to Livermore and Pleasanton. After having lunch at Pleasanton the return trip will be made by the way of Niles canyon, Haywards and Fruitvale.