Royal Cycling Club

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San Francisco, CA



  • H. Brietstein
  • S. Davis
  • M. Friedman
  • J. Greenbaum
  • Fred Greenebaum
  • A. Kahn
  • J. Klein
  • Jesse Kutz
  • M. Lafee
  • Leo Lederer,
  • J. Lichtenstein
  • Joseph Lubin
  • A. N. Rixon
  • Alva Posner


Royal Cycling Club Elects Officers. - Golden City Wheelmen Organize.

The Royal Cycling Club held a meeting last night, at which the following officers were elected: President, M. Lafee; vice-president, M. Friedman; secretary, J. Lichtenstein: financial secretary, J. Klein; treasurer, J. Greenbaum; sergeant-at-arms, A. Kahn.

Captain Lyngreen has called a run of the Eintracht Cycling Club to the Eintracht picnic at Schuetzen Park to-morrow, starting from the hall at 8:15 A. M.

The Petaluma Wheelmen have adopted for their emblem a star and crescent, and cardinal for the club color.

The Golden City Wheelmen were organized at North Beach Friday evening, May 10, with twelve charter members, who elected the following officers: President, George D. Ziele; vice-president, Leon Bordenave; secretary, George Edelman; treasurer, S. Domeniconi; counsel, D. Wessenberg: sergeant-at-arms, John Lacoste; captain, Frank Burris; first lieutenant, Louis Young; second lieutenant, G. Edelman.

The club's emblem is 8 twelve-pointed pinwheel, one point to represent each Charter member, which are alternately colored in royal blue and gold, the club colors. Unattached riders, especially those resident at North Beach, are invited to join the club, and should address G. Edelman, 818 Lombard street.

LATE CYCLING ITEMS. Royal Cycling Club Elects Officers. Golden City Wheelmen Organize. 18 May 1895, Sat The San Francisco Call

Although the Royal Cycling Club was organized ont of the Crescent Road Club the latter organization has not gone out of existence and is progressing finely at the oid clubrooms, 811 Octavia street. New members are being admitted at every meeting and the club is far from being defunct. All communications for the Crescents should be addressed to L. Bearwald, secretary, at the foregoing address.

Royal Cycling Club was organized out of the Crescent Road Club - The San Francisco Call - San Francisco, California, 25 May 1895

The Royal Cycling Club will have a run around the City to-morrow. The club will turn out in full force for the Associated Clubs' run to Niles on the 23d. The following new members have been elected: Leo Lederer, Joseph Lubin, Alva Posner, A. N. Rixon, H. Brietstein, Jesse Kutz, S. Davis and Fred Greenebaum. The Royals are arranging for their quarterly five-mile road race, which will take place early in July. Aa the club is developing some sturdy road riders a fast race as assured.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 15, 15 June 1895