Crescent Road Club

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(There was also a Crescent Athletic Club in Berkeley and a Crescent Wheelmen, not sure how they relate to each other.)


San Francisco


"Captain Rosenburg led the Crescent Club riders, who wore blue sweaters, with the emblems of the club - a crescent and a star - worked in yellow silk threads."

NIGHT PARADE OF CYCLISTS. - THE TOURNAMENT. - Clubs and Counties Will Divide Time - The Championship. - The San Francisco Examiner, 17 Feb 1895


A newly formed club called the Crescent Road Club of San Francisco, composed mainly of young athletes of Hebrew origin, who are employed in the large downtown wholesale houses, held its first road race yesterday over the same course. The scratch man left Fruitvale at 9:46 a. m., and the six starters finished in the following order:

Name.            Handicap.      Net Time.
P. Bearwald      Scratch        35:14
N. Lichtenstein  30 seconds     36:31
J. Goldsmith     Scratch        36:17
E. Wenle         Scratch        36:33
R. Sandberg      Scratch        36:39
M. Levy          30 seconds     42:08

John W. Leavitt was timekeeper and referee, while B. Goldberg and A. Wenle were the judges.

Crescent Road Club - hebrew origin - first race - The San Francisco Call, 05 Nov 1894

See also full article, ROSE'S HARD LUCK, The San Francisco Call, 05 Nov 1894

The Crescent Road Club at its last meeting elected Manuel Lafee President, vice A. Rosenberg, resigned. Louis Bearwald was elected Vice-President. The officers are arranging a five-mile race, from San Leandro to Haywards, for the early part of April. The Crescents will be fully represented in to-night's parade.

The latest member of the C. A. C. C. is the Crescent Road Club and it has chosen as delegates to the Board of Governors the following gentlemen: Joy Lichtenstein, A. Rosenberg and M. Friedman.

FOR THE CYCLE TOURNAMENT. - The Racing Men Who Will Take Part in Next Week's Races. - The San Francisco Examiner, 16 Feb 1895

Although the Royal Cycling Club was organized ont of the Crescent Road Club the latter organization has not gone out of existence and is progressing finely at the oid clubrooms, 811 Octavia street. New members are being admitted at every meeting and the club is far from being defunct. All communications for the Crescents should be addressed to L. Bearwald, secretary, at the foregoing address.

Royal Cycling Club was organized out of the Crescent Road Club - The San Francisco Call - San Francisco, California, 25 May 1895

At the last meeting of the Crescent Road Club the following officers were elected: President, J. Leve; vice-president, H. Hecht: treasurer, E. Eisfelder: recording secretary. L. Bearwald; financial secretary, Izzie Cohn; sergeant-at-arms, A. Blumenthal; Captain, A. Bearwald; first lieutenant, H. Gunderson; second lieutenant, L. Sittenheim.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 15, 15 June 1895

The following clubs, members of the association, turned out in large numbers: Acme Club Wheelmen, Bay City Wheelmen, California Cycling Club, Crescent Road Club, Garden City Cyclers, Imperial Cycling Club, Olympic Club Wheelmen, Reliance Club Wheelmen, Royal Cycling Club, San Jose Road Club.

CYCLING RUN TO NILES - San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 24, 24 June 1895

The Crescent Road Club will hold a run to Camp Taylor to-morrow. The start will be made from the clubrooms. 811 Octavia street, at 7:30 a. m., taking the 8 o'clock Sausalito boat and train to San Anselmo. This is one of the prettiest trips near San Francisco, and the ride is very easy. The following were elected to membership: George Thompson, William Lee, Thomas Brannen and Fred Klopstock.

The club holds a club run to Camp Taylor to-morrow, leaving the clubrooms at 7:30 a. m. and taking 8 a. m. Sausalito boat.

Captain A. Bearwald is on an extended trip on his wheel through Sonoma County and intends making Santa Rosa and Mark West Springs before returning in time to take the club on its run next Sunday.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call, 27 July 1895

The question whether the Royal or Crescent club is entitled to membership under the original application of the Crescent Road Club, will be finally reported on by the inter-club relations committee.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Jose Road Club's Five-Mile Road Race To-Morrow. - HE IS AN ENTHUSIAST. - Henry Martin Now Rides a Bike for Pleasure. - San Francisco Call, 3 August 1895

The Crescent Road Club will hold a five-mile handicap road race over the San Carlos course on September 1. The club's meeting night has been changed from Wednesday to Tuesday. Eleven members rode to San Jose last Saturday night and went to Alum Rock, returning Sunday. The associated clubs' delegates decided at their meeting last Saturday night that the Crescent Road Club was never legally disorganized, and they were retained as members of the association.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 71, 10 August 1895