Sacramento New Pavilion indoor track

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There was an indoor track at the New Pavilion, on Fifteenth and N Streets, owned/managed by Mr. Winans, and designed by Frank D. Elwell, and an outdoor track at Oak Park, a neighborhood in Sacramento. There were two different bicycle tracks built at the same time, in the same city.


A Great One Soon to be Held at the New Pavilion.

On July 23d, 24th and 25th Sacramento will be given a treat which San Francisco people have been enjoying for the past year, and to which they have shown their appreciation by turning out in thousands at each event. That is an indoor bicycle racing tournament.

M. N. Winans, the promoter, is sparing neither money nor pains to make this one of the greatest meets ever held on the Pacific Coast.

A new eight-lap track is now under course of construction in the New Pavilion, Fifteenth and N streets, and will without doubt be the fastest indoor track in the world.

Frank E. Elwell of San Francisco, who designed and constructed the late Central Park track, and also the three-lap track at the Midwinter Fair in San Francisco, has been secured by Mr. Winans at a great expense to build the track, and his well-known ability obviates all danger which exists on tracks of the kind not properly constructed.

This tournament will be held under the sanction of the League of American Wheelmen, of which organization Mr. Winans is Local Consul at Sacramento.

Professionals and amateurs will be here from all parts of this State, Oregon and Washington, as the prizes aggregate $1,000 for the three nights.

In all, it promises to be one of the grandest events of the season, and one which the Sacramento people will thoroughly enjoy.

BICYCLE TOURNAMENT. - A Great One Soon to be Held at the New Pavilion. - The Record-Union, 28 Jun 1896

Finest in the Country.

The new eight-lap bicycle track at New Pavilion, Fifteenth and N streets, is not only the finest but fastest indoor track ever constructed. The banks are ten feet high, and to an observer it seems impossible for the riders to retain their position. Mr. Elwell, the engineer and builder, predicts all indoor records will be broken on this track at the tournament July 23d, 24th and 25th.

New Pavilion indoor track, Elwell, Fifteenth and N streets, Sacramento 11 Jul 1896, Sat The Record-Union (Sacramento, California)

M. N. Winans requested that the racing members of the club participate in the blue ribbon meet on the indoor track at the new Pavilion next Friday evening. He stated that his intention was, if sufficient funds were raised at the meet, to again erect the track and after the State Fair, and to allow the Capital City Wheelmen's racing team the use of the itrack during the winter months; also, to permit the Capital City Wheelman's Drill Corps to drill at the Pavilion during his lease.

The club heartily accepted the offer, and decided to do everything in its Power to assist the blue ribbon meet on Friday evening.

Winans New Pavilion indoor track Capital City Wheelmen 28 Jul 1896, Tue The Record-Union (Sacramento, California)