THE WHEELMEN. - Election of Officers of the Ariel Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 01 Feb 1888

From Wooljersey


Election of Officers of the Ariel Bicycle Club.

At the semi-annual election of the Ariel Bicycle Club, held a few days ago, the following officers were elected: J. D. Arkison, President; L. Sears, Treasurer; Charles Havens, Secretary: H. A. Maxwell, Captain, and T. Grimes, Lieutenant. Directors - L. Sears, J. D. Arkison, C. Havens, W. G. A. Miller, and C. J. Kryster. On Saturday evening next the club will have a little social time at the clubrooms in the Shattuck Hall, corner of Eighth street and Broadway. The occasion will be the presentation of the medals won at the tournament held on Thanksgiving Day. President Arkison of the club will present the medals, after which a banquet will be had.

An interclub road race association has been formed, which the Ariel Club has entered. The association intends to give a series of three races during the year for a trophy, the club making the greatest number of points to be declared the winner. The first race will be a distance of twenty-five miles, and will take place on February 22d, around the triangle at San Leandro. The second race will be a distance of fifty miles, and the third 100 miles. There are eight clubs in the association, and three men from each club will be entered in the races.

C. L. Hawes has joined the Ariel Club.

Miller, Maxwell, and Grimes will be entered in the first road race to represent the Ariel Club.

Clark Wise recently received a bad fall from his wheel and will hereafter ride a Victoria Safety.