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James Davidson Arkison 2 May 1849 – 27 January 1929


The Bay City reception and biquet (corrupted into bike-eat) to the Division officers of the League on Wednesday evening was a huge success. The proceedings after the cloth was removed are reported as follows: The first regular toast of the evening, the "League of American Wheelmen," was responded to by Chief Consul Welch; "The San Francisco Bicycle Club, the Parent of Club Cycling on the Pacific Coast," was responded to by Mr. J. W. Gibson; "The Highland Park Wheelmen, Who Get There All the Same," by Mr. A. J. Rosborough; "The Oakland Ramblers," by Mr. J. D. Arkison; "The Park Commissioners," by Harry A. Greene, who proposed in turn "The Bay City Wheelmen." A number of impromptu toast follows. Interspersed were songs by the Clipper Quartette and Messrs. Hammond and Rosborough, and a recitation by Dr. Thomas A. Hill. The event of the evening was a song composed for the occasion by Mr. S. F. Booth, Jr., who was immediately proclaimed the poet laureate of the Division. At midnight the party adjourned after joining hands around the table and singing "Auld Lang Syne."

On Wheels. - Daily Alta California, Volume 40, Number 13412, 17 May 1886

Last evening the following bicycle riders met in the Hall of Records for the purpose of organizing a new bicycle club in Oakland: Guy Earl, C. L. Tisdale, Robert Edgar, R. H. Magill, Jr., L. Sears, W. W. Haralson, W. J. Bowman, L. A. Kelly, Jr., Charles Biederman, Frank Blinn, Julias Lutgen, Alex. Ireland and J. D. Arkison. An election of officers resulted in the following choice: President, Guy Earl; Vice-President, C. L. Tisdale; Secretary and Treasurer, Robert Edgar. Road Officers - R. H. Magill, Jr., Captain, and L. Sears, Lieutenant. A uniform was adopted, which consists of dark shoes, navy-blue knit pants and coat with initial letters of club on coat-collar, white flannel shirt with blue trimmings and black helmet.

CYCLISTS. - Election of Officers of a New Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 23 Sep 1886

The Oakland Ramblers have, by an unanimous vote, decided to support the following nominees at the coming election of the Californian Division, L. A. W.: R. M. Welch, Chief Consul, B. C. W.; R. H. Magill Jr., Secretary, Treasurer, O. R.; C. J. Krytser, Local Consul; J. D. Arkison, representative for Oakland.


The officers of the meeting will be as follows: Committee of Arrangements - C. J. Krytser, L. Sears, R. H. Magill Jr., C. D. Haven Jr., J. S. Tisdale: referee, Ralph de Claremont, San Francisco Bicycle Club; starter, J. D. Arkison, O. R.; judges - Harrison Houseworth, San Francisco Bicycle Club, Harry Hatch, O. R., W. M. Meeker Jr.; timers - George H. Strong, San Francisco Bicycle Club, William P. Lyons, O. R., E. Gibbs, San Francisco Bicycle Club; clerk of the course, J. L. Tisdale, O. R.; scorers - Philip Remillard, O. R., J. C. Lutjen, O. R., P. J. Chapman, O. R.

WHEELERS. - Oakland Tribune, 16 Feb 1887

Representative Arkison, mounted on his old war horse, created quite an impression on the Haywardites with his immense white helmet, a la Stevens.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 May 1887

At the semi-annual election of the Ariel Bicycle Club, held a few days ago, the following officers were elected: J. D. Arkison, President; L. Sears, Treasurer; Charles Havens, Secretary: H. A. Maxwell, Captain, and T. Grimes, Lieutenant. Directors - L. Sears, J. D. Arkison, C. Havens, W. G. A. Miller, and C. J. Kryster. On Saturday evening next the club will have a little social time at the clubrooms in the Shattuck Hall, corner of Eighth street and Broadway. The occasion will be the presentation of the medals won at the tournament held on Thanksgiving Day. President Arkison of the club will present the medals, after which a banquet will be had.

THE WHEELMEN. - Election of Officers of the Ariel Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 01 Feb 1888

There's a movement on foot for a "reunion dinner" New Year's day by the remaining members of the Old Alameda County Wheelmen's club, which 80 years ago was the banner sporting fraternity on this side of the bay. Those were the days before the "safety" came into vogue and when it was necessary for the novice to employ a stepladder in getting started on his "wheel." The Alameda County Wheelmen boasted some daring riders among their membership. They were the ones who surrounded Stevens when he left Oakland on his historic bicycle trip around the world, and they welcomed him when he arrived here on the completion of the Journey. Among the members were Jimmy Arkinson, Geo. H. Strong, Bob Magill, Charles Havens, Louis Sears, Al Reichling, "Bill" Bowman, Willie Sharp, Bill Haroldson, Ed Hinckley, Alec Ireland and Alec Roseborough.

New Year's eve these men will probably meet in a down town cafe for a quiet little dinner to talk over the days that are gone and the heroes of yester-year. Any members of the organization who may read this are urged to send in their names and addresses to Robert Magill, Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

Oakland Tribune, 18 Dec 1912

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