THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 22 Jun 1885

From Wooljersey


On last Thursday evening a meeting of the Oakland Bicycle Club was largely attended. The old constitution and by-laws of the Club were abolished, and a few simple rules adopted instead. The officers now form an Executive Committee who manage the affairs of the organization. The following new officers were elected: President, Charles G. Yale; Secretary, R. H. Magill, Jr.; Captain, Wm. H. Bowman; First Lieutenant, Arthur Kelley; Second Lieutenant, J. B. Stanford. The name of the club was changed to that of the "Oakland Wheelmen," thus recognizing the tricycle men, of whom there are several in the club. There are a number of new riders in this city, many of whom will join the club now that it has been reorganized and shows signs of activity. It is already as large as any club in the State in point of numbers, and has by far the best opportunity for road riding.

The next event for local wheelmen will be the Bay City's Tournament, which occurs next month.

Cook expects to break the half and mile records July 25th.

The Bay City Wheelmen held a meeting last week, at which new officers were elected as follows: T. L. Hill, President; S. F. Booth, Jr., Vice-President; Harrison Townsend, Secretary; F. R. Cook, Captain; E. Mohrig, First Lieutenant; Chas. Thompson, Second Lieutenant; J. A. Little, Bugler.