The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 25 Oct 1886

From Wooljersey

The Bicycle.

The Bay City Wheelmen intend to incorporate. Elwell is an expert billiard player. Mrs. E. Mohrig is the first California lady to join the L. A. W.

The Oakland riders are arranging a 25-mile road race to take place in the near future.

A great deal of curiosity has been excited by the new uniform of the Bay City Wheelmen; it will be worn for the first time at the bicycle hop tomorrow evening.

Donnelly, Knapp and Wood, of San Mateo, were riding the tandem through the Park Sunday.

It is strange that some of the eating houses in the vicinity of the Park do not make it an object for the numerous riders to patronize them. At present it is impossible to procure a good dinner from any of them.

"Wheeling" is willing to back Furnival against Rowe, it having been claimed that Rowe is the best rider in the world to-day, either professional or amateur.

Elwell expects his new 56-inch machine this week.

In a trial against time on the Springfield track. W. A. Rowe rode 21 miles in 58 minutes 19 2-5 seconds, and made 22 miles, less 610 yards, in the hour. In another trial he rode 5 miles in 13:27 2-5.

F. F. Ives [J. F. Ives?] rode 100 miles in 6 hours 3 minutes 45 3-5 seconds.