The Wheel

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Robert A. Smyth was at one time a member of the Bay City Wheelmen, and was quite successful as a racing man on a high wheel. Since the safety bicycle has come into use he has given up racing and only rides for pleasure. He is one of the best posted cyclists in America, as he has a memory for things cycling, and especially racing matters. Mr. Smyth, besides representing the national racing board of the League of American Wheelmen, is Chairman of the racing board of the North California Division of the League of American Wheelmen. For a number of years he has been the active correspondent of The Wheel, which is one of the best known wheel papers, so that Mr. Smyth is a busy man, for he has enough for one man to do in his mercantile work.

A LOS ANGELES WHEELMAN. - Fox Will Represent Southern California at the Fair Races. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Apr 1894

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