WHEELING NOTES. - San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XLI, Number 164, 12 June 1892

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What Is Being Done by the Bicycle Riders.

The blind run of the Garden City Cyclers last Sunday was very successful, fifteen members participating. The course led out toward Los Gatos for about four miles, where, by a roundabout way, the Almaden road was reached. Here a turn was made toward San Jose. After riding about a mile another turn was made, the riders going around by the edge of the foothills and coming out by the cemetery into the Monterey road. Here the course continued south until Madrone Station was reached, where a turn was made to the east and, after a ride of four miles, the beautiful canyon of Glen Willis was reached. This was a genuine surprise to the boys, as they had no idea such a beautiful spot existed in that locality. On arrival a fine breakfast was served, the chief attraction of which was fine, rich milk, which is the favorite beverage of wheelmen.

After wandering around the hills and bathing in the large pool, which is as fine a body of water as can be found in the mountains around San Jose, being about seventy-five feet square and about fifteen feet deep in the deepest portion, the boys returned to the hotel, where a splendid dinner was awaiting them.

About 5 o'clock the boys started on the return trip. All went well until the Monterey road was reached where they had to ride eighteen miles against as heavy a wind as is ever encountered in this section of the country.

To-day the Garden City Cyclers and San Jose Road Club hold a joint run to the base-ball grounds, where they will endeavor to make it interesting for the Los Angeles players. They will appear in full uniform, each armed with a large horn, and it is safe to say they will be heard from every time San Jose makes a good play.

On next Sunday the Century Run of the California Division, L. A. W. will come off, the course being from San Francisco to Hollister. The San Jose wheelmen meet the others at Redwood City, and all proceed in a body to San Jose about 11 o'clock, where pictures of the crowd will be taken in front of the club rooms of the Garden City Cyclers.

The annual race meet of the California Division, L. A. W., which was to have been held in Sacramento on July 4th, has been changed to Stockton. Alameda will also hold another meet on the 4th. September 9th is the date the Garden City Cyclers expect to be strictly "in it," as the expression goes, work on their new track will probably commence in about two weeks, and by September 9th it is expected to have the finest track in the State. it will be more circular than the Alameda track, doing away with the sharp turns, which will enable faster time to be made.

All the wheelmen in the State like to come to San Jose, and if they are assured a good track one of the largest bicycle crowds ever seen in California will be assembled here.

It is earnestly hoped the boys will be successful with their track, as it will not only help them, but will be a big advertisement for San Jose. The whole country is becoming interested in wheeling, especially in the Eastern States, and if San Jose gets a good track it will prove a great attraction to Eastern visitors on the 9th and it will do more to advertise the climate and beauties of Santa Clara valley than can be estimated in figures. Consequently it is to their advantage for the business men of San Jose to help the boys out on their track in a financial way.

Take the Alameda meet, for instance. That did more to advertise that place than anything they ever had there. Hundreds of people had no idea how large a place Alameda was until attracted there by the race meet.

The Garden City Cyclers have adopted rules to govern their club-rooms, which will put a stop to the boisterous noises heard around there lately. They did not realize how it sounded from the outside until recently, and at once decided it must be stopped. The rules prohibit the use of intoxicating liquors, gambling, vulgar language, loud and boisterous noises, etc.

It is understood that the Garden City Cyclers will give a fine lantern parade in the near future, which ought to prove very interesting as it is quite a novelty in San Jose. They also intend having a "ladies' night," probably on the same night as the parade.

The Garden City Cyclers and the San Jose Road Club were to have held a joint run to Monterey to-day, but a change in the arrangements being made, the run was postponed indefinitely.

The racing team of the G. C. C.'s have already begun active preparations for the races on July 4th. George Osen is after Grant Bell's scalp, and it is safe to say George will be in condition to race the race of his life against Bell. Lipsett is having a special racing machine built for him, and Mr. Lund of Oakland will have to rustle to keep near our Willie.

There will be a division among our racers, some going to Stockton and some to Alameda. At present we are not prepared to state the names of those who will race at Stockton or who will race at Alameda, but it is needless to say there will be good representatives of the G. C. C.'s at both meets.

San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XLI, Number 164, 12 June 1892