A. J. Menne

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Albert Jacob Menne 13 November 1875 – 21 November 1942

brother-in-law of G. P. Caldwell


Bert B.


Bert Menne is a lad of 19 years. He stands five feet nine and a half inches and weighs 150 pounds when in riding trim. He first came into prominence as a racing man in the Bay City Wheelmen's electric light race meet on August 22, 1893, winning second place in the maiden race. He represented the club on the ninth relay, and, although he lost a little time on Rose, the Acme's crackerjack rider, he gained considerable over Delmas of the Garden City Cyclers. On May 30th last he won the mile handicap, riding from the 100-yard mark in creditable time of 2:19. In the Associated Cycling Clubs ten-mile road race he went from the minute mark and finished second of forty-two starters, beating such good riders as Cushing and Sampson, who were on the same mark. Next year will see him in all class A track events, and his chances are exceedingly good.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

A jolly party of campers, composed of Bert Menne, Fred L. Day and Tommy Hall, all of the Bay City Wheelmen, are encamped at La Honda.

Lieutenant Irelan has a called run of the Liberty Cycling Club to Oak Grove tomorrow, taking the 9:30 a.m. boat and train to Golden Gate, Berkeley, where the wheels will be resumed. William Beatty has been elected to membership in this club.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle 15 Jun 1895

Menne brought the Bay Citys up from fourth to third position on this relay, passing the Acmes. The San Jose Road Club still kept first place and the Californias sixth. The Alamedas continued to establish their right to last by dropping still further behind, being nearly a quarter of an hour later than the leaders.

The wonder is that Menne did so well on this relay, for he was as unfortunate as McCrea, puncturing his rear tire when the distance was but half covered. He had to slow down, and was soon overtaken by his speedy trailer, Fred Day. In trying to make a quick exchange of wheels both fell, and rolled into the gutter. Neither was hurt, and Menne, hastily remounting Day's wheel, was away in a second on the balance of his journey. Day had to walk to the end of the relay, leading Menne's disabled wheel. Distance five miles. He was much annoyed.

Rider. Club. Time. Actual
1 C. R. Coulter Olympic 11:15:44 26:34
2 Al Hubbard Garden C 11:15:44 26:19
3 A. J. Menne Bay City 11:15:47 25:25
4 E. J. Smith Acme 11:17:47 27:27
5 Ray Hogg San Jose 11:17:49 25:04
6 H. Sternberg California 11:18:25 25:22
7 L. S. Leavitt San Fran 11:20:34 25:49
8 P. R. Mott Reliance 11:21:54 26:54
9 T. Alboselle Imperial 11:24:00 28:38
10 M. E. Gaines Alameda 11:29:18 29:33
Fastest time - 1894, 27:55; 1895, 28:13.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896