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San Francisco, CA


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royal crown / imperial crown on royal purple


The Imperial Cycling Club and Liberty Cycling Club of this city made applications to join the association. They were referred to the interclub relation committee and received their approval. The amendment to the by-laws making it impossible for a member expelled from one club to join any other club of the association without first obtaining the consent of the club from which he had been expelled was declared null and void.

Imperial Cycling Club and Liberty Cycling Club join California Associated Cycling Clubs - San Francisco Chronicle, 02 Dec 1894

The Imperial Cycling Club has at last secured permanent clubrooms, located at 636 Golden Gate avenue, and is now fitting them up in a manner calculated to be in keeping with the club. The first meeting in the new rooms will be held next Monday evening, at which time arrangements will be completed whereby they will hold A "smoker" and house-warming to take place the latter part of this month.

The first and third Mondays in each month are meeting nights of the Imperial Cycling Club. There is some talk of having weekly meetings in the future.


Almost all the cycling clubs' members wear a button in their coat lapels, displaying the club emblem. The Imperial Cycling Club is the latest to branch out with a button in the shape of a royal crown. The Bay City Wheelmen's emblem is a maltese cross. The California Cycling Club has an arrow holding three "C's." The Olympic Club Wheelmen's button is in the shape of a wheel with a winged "O." The Reliance Wheelmen have a white star and in the center a maroon "R," while the Acme Wheelmen have a flying acorn in red and black. The Garden City Cyclers' button emblem is in the shape of a "fleur de lis." The San Jose Road Club is a green ivy leaf.

The races to take place next month at the Mechanics Pavilion are creating much interest in cycling circles. Many prominent members of the Bay City Wheelmen, Imperial Cycling Club and Olympic Club Wheelmen have signified their intention of participating. From reports of Eastern correspondents it is learned that Zimmerman has given up racing and will go into the bicycle manufacturing business. If this is true a good drawing card will be lost to the promoters of tbe indoor racing scheme.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

New Corporations.

Articles of incorporation of the Imperial Cycling Club were filed with the County Clerk yesterday. The directors are Ernest C. Douglass, John S. Egan, William W. Wilson, Alfred D. Stealey, William W. Earle, William H. Toucker, John J. McDonald, Charles H. Dannals, John T. Burns, J. H. Millett and H. W. Eisert. There is no capital stock.

San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, California, Sun, Apr 28, 1895, Page 21

The Imperial Cycling Club. Principal place of business, San Francisco, with Ernest C. Douglas, John S. Egan, William W. Wilson, Alfred D. Staley, William W. Earle, William H. Tooker, John J. McDonald, Charles H. Dannals, John F. Burns, J. H. Millett and H. H. Eisert of San Francisco as directors.

The Record-Union, Sacramento, California, Fri, May 3, 1895, Page 4

The following clubs, members of the association, turned out in large numbers: Acme Club Wheelmen, Bay City Wheelmen, California Cycling Club, Crescent Road Club, Garden City Cyclers, Imperial Cycling Club, Olympic Club Wheelmen, Reliance Club Wheelmen, Royal Cycling Club, San Jose Road Club.


During the afternoon Louis Deloy of the Imperial Cycling Club of San Francisco had a narrow escape from drowning. He was in swimming with a party of wheelmen, when he was taken with cramps and sank to the bottom. Supposing he was swimming under water no notice was at first paid to him, but when the true cause of his disappearance was realized, C. T. Dodge, [Should be T. C. Dodge - MF] captain of the Bay City Wheelmen, who was also in bathing, dived to the bottom and brought Deloy to the surface. With considerable difficulty the was brought to shore, where It took almost ten minutes to revive him.

CYCLING RUN TO NILES - San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 24, 24 June 1895

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