Alameda Cyclers

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Alameda, CA


"The club emblem will be a shield with the letters A. C. across its face."

Jesse F. Ives' of the Alameda Cyclers being also a member of the Reliance Club, fills a place on that club's relay team, but will ride under the Alameda colors, black and orange, at the San Jose races.

OUT AMONG THE WHEELMEN. - Reliance Races Coming This Afternoon. - LIBERTY'S LADIES' ANNEX. - San Francisco Chronicle, September 07, 1895



One to be Organized in the Near Future.


Alameda has Two Excellent Tracks, but no Cycle Club - The Absence of Such a Club is the Wonderment of All Wheelmen. Many of Alameda's cycling people of both sexes are contemplating the organization of a road club in this city in the near future.

F. S. White, the cycle agent, is about to call a meeting of all the owners of wheels who might have a desire to join such a club.

Several attempts in this direction have been made recently, but have fallen through in each instances through lack of business-like organization.

Many visiting wheelmen came to Alameda yesterday for a spin over our smooth streets, and the wonder of all was that Alameda had no cycle club. The local wheelmen have been figuring on the possibilities of maintaining such an organization, should one he started. and the conclusion is almost unanimous that it is a long-felt want, and could easily be made to pay.

Argument in favor of the club is also made that besides the streets of Alameda there is the bicycle track at Cycle Park, on one side of the city, and the Speed Track on the other, either of which may be used for racing purposes.

Mr. White was seen this morning, and he stated that the first meeting would be held to-morrow evening at his cyclery, on Central avenue, at which time a temporary Chairman and Secretary will be selected.

J. E. Ewald has prepared a resolution, to which the prospective members are appending their signatures. The membership will be limited to about twenty-five or thirty, and at the meeting each name will be balloted upon, one blackball suflicing to reject any member.

The object is to select the best available cyclers in town, so that the club, although small, will rapidly gain a record for itself. The uniform and club name will be decided upon by vote of the club aiter organization. The "Alameda Road Club," and "Alameda Cyclers" are the two titles already proposed, and one of these will probably be chosen.

A LOCAL CYCLE CLUB. One to be Organized in the Near Future. Alameda Cyclers 15 Apr 1895, Mon Alameda Daily Evening Encinal (Alameda, California)


The Name of Alameda's New Wheeling Organization.

At the second meeting of Alameda wheelmen in Linderman Hall last evening it was decided to name the club the Alameda Cyclers.

Seven new members were admitted, making a total membership of thirty. Uniforms for the members were adopted, and the members hope to come out in their new clothes within a week or two.

After the meeting the members were invited to a banquet given by the newly elected officers of the club.

ALAMEDA CYCLERS. The Name of Alameda's New Wheeling Organization. 30 Apr 1895, Tue Alameda Daily Argus (Alameda, California)

A Shield of Black Cloth

The Alameda Cyclers held their regular weekly meeting last evening when they adopted a code of by-laws. The emblem of the newly organised club is henceforth to be a shield of black cloth.

A Shield of Black Cloth. 14 May 1895, Tue Alameda Daily Evening Encinal (Alameda, California)

The Alameda Cyclers, the wheel club recently organized, will soon appear in their stunning new uniforms. The club emblem will be a shield with the letters A. C. across its face.


The Alameda Cyclers will have their initial run a week from to-morrow, and Haywards will be their destination. They will leave the clubrooms promptly at 8:30 o'clock.

AMONG THE WHEELS THE ALAMEDA CYCLERS TO HAVE THEIR INITIAL RUN. 25 May 1895, Sat Alameda Daily Argus (Alameda, California)