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Alfred James Storey 1860 – 19 May 1949


Bay City Wheelmen

The Bay Citys held a club run to Redwood City yesterday, leaving here at 8:30 o'clock. The roads all the way were at their best. Those on the run were: Captain Thomas H. Doane, President George P. Wetmore, Secretaries Horace B. Sperry and Sanford Plummer, Calvin N. Langton, Charles Dietle, Alex M. Burns, Theodore C. Dodge, A. J. Buneman, A. J. Storey, George L. Hall, W. L. Thompson, Joseph G. Cox and D. O'Callaghan of the club and Charles Pennell, T. Durant and A. Cavanagh, unattached.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Sep 1891

Clarence A. Howard of the Bay Citys is getting into condition for the season's riding. He is accompanied by A. J. Storey, a recent convert to the sport.

With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Jan 1891

Charles W. Hammer, A. J. Storey, L. J. Alkalay, Charles Dielte Jr., Thomas Stevenson, C. N. Langton, E. E. Stoddard, L. G. Hodgkins, H. Johnson, W. T. Rose, E. C. Landis, T. W. Gilmour, W. J. and J. J. Hull, W. I. Gilmour and G. P. Wetmore of the Bay Citys, and many unattached wheel men were in the park Sunday.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Mar 1891

L. G. Hodgkins, A. J. Stewart, Charles Dietle, H. B. Sperry, C. A. Howard and A. J. Storey of the Bay City Wheelmen, with a large party of unattached wheelmen, rode to Camp Taylor yesterday. They report the roads very fair. There were eighteen bicycles on the boat.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1891

On the return trip most of the boys went to the Piedmont baths, while others went from Haywards on to San Jose. Captain Doane distinguished, though he very nearly extinguished, himself by catching a runaway horse near San Leandro.

Those on the Bay City run were Captain T. H. Doane, George P. Wetmore, H. B. Sperry, T. C. Dodge, C. N. Langton, W. L. Thompson, R. M. Thompson, A. J. Storey, T. S. Watters, S. H. Knapp Jr., George H. Bell, C. E. Rankin, S. L. Piper, Little Puck, alias G. L. Hall, W. H. Middlehoff, James J. Hull, Charles Dietle, T. H. B. Varney, A. Barnes, P. A. Lund, A. M. Burns, L. J. Hodgkins, ex-Captains S. Plummer, W. M. Meeker and F. E. Richardson of the club, and as guests Al Peacock, George Andrews, Charles L. Breon, F. E. Shafer, M. Cavanagh and J. H. Andrews. The Cyclers were represented by Captain C. Ravelin, J. L. Bothwell, F. S. Munn, J. E. Alexander, George A. Morrill, George Osen, Wilbur Edwards. Osen has joined the Cyclers and will race under their name at the meet on Thanksgiving day.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Nov 1891

Those on the run were Captain Thomas H. Doane, George P. Wetmore, Alex M. Burns, Charles Dietle, Alfred J. Storey, Arthur Barnes, Horace B. Sperry, Calvin N. Langton, Wallace Thompson, Theodore C. Dodge, Albert F. Buneman, Charles H. Rankin, George H. Bell and George Andrews, and "Tom," the club dog. Edwin Mohrig and Robert M. Welch started for a century run yesterday morning in order to get a bar for their "Century Club" badges.

Not a run, but rather a "climb and coast" - Mon, Nov 16, 1891, Page 3, San Francisco Chronicle

Stockton, July 4th - The race meeting of the California division of the League of American Wheelmen to-day was largely attended and the contests were exciting. The racers were of the Bay City Wheelmen, Capitol City Wheelmen, Garden City Cyclers, Oriental Cycling Club and Oak Leaf Wheelmen of this city. Chief Consul Arthur H. Wright was referee, Sanford Plummer was starter, and A. J. Storey, G. P. Wetmore and F. A. Eckstrom judges. The timers were Edwin Mohrig, D. T. Creanor and C. F. Hutchinson. The first race was the one-mile safety novice, with eight starters. C. K. Melrose of the Bay City Wheelmen won the race in 2 minutes 44 4-5 seconds, W. H. Toepke of the same club being second.

San Francisco Call, Volume 72, Number 35, 5 July 1892 - Bicycle Races in Various Parts of the State

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