The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Sep 1891

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

The following officers have been elected by the Bay City Wheelmen to serve the coming year: President, George P. Wetmore; vice-president, Joseph G. Cox; secretary, Horace B. Sperry; financial secretary, Sanford Plummer; treasurer, Fred R. Cook; captain, Thomas H. Doane. They took office September 13th.

The race meet held at Hartford did not prove as great a record-lowering event as expected. Full accounts have not as yet reached here explaining some points about the timing, which are not yet quite-clear to us.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a "smoker" at their new clubhouse next Saturday, September 26h. It is unnecessary to say all will enjoy a good time. A splendid programme has been arranged, and, besides the customary music and elocutionists, an exhibition of wrestling, etc., will be given. Lucky boys, the Bay City Citys.

Alcayaga of the Razzle Dazzle Bi Club, who fouled Upson of the Capital City Wheelmen last July at Stockton, has accepted a challenge from Upson to race at Sacramento. They will likely race some time the first of October.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club, including some of the lady members, held a club run to Camp Taylor.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a race meet Thanksgiving day. The track has not yet been selected, but as they have several in view they will no doubt make it a success. The Capital City Wheelmen are having quite a boom in members just now. They have new clubrooms and are getting plenty of new life in the club.

The Oak Leafs of Stockton have a committee out looking for a lot to build a clubhouse on. If property in San Francisco could be bought for the figures selling in Stockton the city clubs would have owned their own houses long ago. The Oak Leafs are rustlers and have good men at their head and ought to get what they are after.

Waller and Ives of Alameda are now riding as a tandem team.

Searles, ex-Bay City, and an Oakland friend went to Pelarcitos yesterday.

The Bay Citys held a club run to Redwood City yesterday, leaving here at 8:30 o'clock. The roads all the way were at their best. Those on the run were: Captain Thomas H. Doane, President George P. Wetmore, Secretaries Horace B. Sperry and Sanford Plummer, Calvin N. Langton, Charles Dietle, Alex M. Burns, Theodore C. Dodge, A. J. Buneman, A. J. Storey, George L. Hall, W. L. Thompson, Joseph G. Cox and D. O'Callaghan of the club and Charles Pennell, T. Durant and A. Cavanagh, unattached.