The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Nov 1891

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

The wheelmen of San Francisco have good reason to congratulate themselves on their ability to keep in practice during the winter months. In fact they are quite independent of the weather since the Victor bicycle track has been laid out on the upper floor of the Mechanics Pavilion. It is a perfect ellipse, six laps to the mile, and of course entirely under cover. Riders who expect to compete in the spring meets are already making this new course their training quarters. They find an able coacher in Wilbur F. Knapp, who holds so many records that his hands are quite full. He will soon be joined by Dan Canary, the undisputed champion of trick riders. Those who are not experts, as well as ladies and beginners, have padded inclosures and competent instructors provided for their accommodation. Only the highest grade cushion-tire wheels are used in this riding academy, which, it is worth while to note, is the largest in the world.

The number of bicycle clubs was increased the past week by the addition of two - the Hesperian Cyclists and the Pacific Road Club. The former is composed of young men from Hesperian Parlor of the Native Sons who reside Missionward; the latter of young men who intend to make road riding their great feature, and who are residents of the Western Addition. The "Dirty Dozen" is also another new one that has been in existence some two or three weeks.

The Bay City Wheelmen had their run to Haywards yesterday. They went over on the 9:15-o'clock creek route boat and from the foot of Broadway, Oakland, the sun was started, and, riding in pairs, the boys looked as though they were enjoying life as much as any men. The roads were in excellent form, and, leisurely pace being maintained, the run arrived in Haywards at 11:45 o'clock, just in time for a good rest before dinner.

Nor were the Bay Citys the only ones there. The committee sent ahead to order dinner (a little joke in connection with this committee might be mentioned, but we refrain) had been but a little while there when, piling along from San Jose direction, came great big Osen and his little partner Edwards on pneumatics. They make a queer pair.

And then came the Bay City run, thirty-three men in all, and soon after the Cyclers of San Jose put in an appearance. The Oriental Cyclists also had some men come in from another direction, so that with the unattached there were fully seventy-five men on hand.

On the return trip most of the boys went to the Piedmont baths, while others went from Haywards on to San Jose. Captain Doane distinguished, though he very nearly extinguished, himself by catching a runaway horse near San Leandro.

Those on the Bay City run were Captain T. H. Doane, George P. Wetmore, H. B. Sperry, T. C. Dodge, C. N. Langton, W. L. Thompson, R. M. Thompson, A. J. Storey, T. S. Watters, S. H. Knapp Jr., George H. Bell, C. E. Rankin, S. L. Piper, Little Puck, alias G. L. Hall, W. H. Middlehoff, James J. Hull, Charles Dietle, T. H. B. Varney, A. Barnes, P. A. Lund, A. M. Burns, L. J. Hodgkins, ex-Captains S. Plummer, W. M. Meeker and F. E. Richardson of the club, and as guests Al Peacock, George Andrews, Charles L. Breon, F. E. Shafer, M. Cavanagh and J. H. Andrews. The Cyclers were represented by Captain C. Ravelin, J. L. Bothwell, F. S. Munn, J. E. Alexander, George A. Morrill, George Osen, Wilbur Edwards. Osen has joined the Cyclers and will race under their name at the meet on Thanksgiving day.

The track at Oakland had just been harrowed up so that none of the riders could use it for practice yesterday. The Acme Club will not be able to put the track in condition for cycle racing until three days before Thanksgiving, so we have been informed, so that riders from outside cities will be about as well used to the track as the local men.

Only a few days more remain in which any ballots may be cast for officers of the division for the ensuing year. The vacancies in representatives in the ticket will be appointed by Mr. Wright.

That the pneumatic is coming into some use on this coast was well illustrated at the Bay City run at Haywards yesterday, when eight 'matics were standing by the hotel.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a reception for their lady friends at the clubhouse, 301 Van Ness avenue, Thursday, November 19th.

The club will have a club run or climb to the top of Mount Tamalpais next Sunday.

The following has been received at this office:

SAN FRANCISCO, November 8, 1891. To the Sporting Editor the Chronicle - DEAR SIR: At a meeting of the racing board of California Division, L. A. W. the three-mile safety and five-mile ordinary championships were awarded to the Acme Athletic Club of Oakland to be run on Thanksgiving day. Yours, etc.