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Archie Leland Read 30 August 1874 – 22 January 1942


Bay City Wheelmen

T. A Griffiths, C. S. Wells, Archie Reid, W. A. Terrill, T. S. Hall, Captain T. C. Dodge, H. F. Terrill, F. G. Lacey, A. J. Menne, E. Languetin, Emil Ubrecht.

A very good picture is presented herewith of the winning team, that of the Bay City Wheelmen, the personnel of which is as follows:

T. A. Griffiths, 21 years, 155 pounds; C. S. Wells, 26 years, 190 pounds; Archie Reid, 24 years, 180 pounds; W. A. Terrill, 20 years, 180 pounds; T. S. Hall, 19 years, 146 pounds; H. F. Terrill, 21 years, 180 pounds; F. G. Lacey, 20 years, 130 pounds; A. J. Menne, 19 years, 142 pounds; E. Languetin, 22 years, 130 pounds; E. Ulbricht, 33 years, 160 pounds, Average age, 22 1/2 years; average weight, 159 3-10 pounds.

THE WHEELMEN. - All Ready for the Great San Jose Meet on Friday and Saturday. - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1895

Among the class B men Wells, Long, Nessen (Nissen) and Haley stand about the best show, now that Foster is sidetracked and Jones is in the south. The class A men will be strengthened by the appearance of Archie Reid, an old racing member of the Bay Citys recently returned from Scotland.

CYCLERS IN TRAINING - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1895

Archie Reid of the Bay City Wheelmen has announced his intention of retiring from the racing path on account of business interfering with training.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle 15 Jun 1895