CYCLERS IN TRAINING - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1895

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Preparing for Decoration Day.

The Bay City Wheelmen Races.

Bicyclists Who Will Ride Awheel to the Yosemite - Club Runs.

The cyclers have been training very actively this week for the races to take place Thursday next at Central Park under the auspices of the Bay City Wheelmen.

Among the class B men Wells, Long, Nessen (Nissen) and Haley stand about the best show, now that Foster is sidetracked and Jones is in the south. The class A men will be strengthened by the appearance of Archie Reid, an old racing member of the Bay Citys recently returned from Scotland.

The Liberty Cycling Club will hold its first annual private picnic to-morrow at Tamalpais Villa. The club will go in a body on the 9 A. M. Sausalito boat.

A private run under the generalship of Alex Acheson will take place this afternoon, with Woodside as the destination. The riders will leave the Olympic Club at 5:30 P. M. A country dance is the attraction.

J. Berges will depart next week for a two weeks' trip a wheel in Sonoma county,

Extensive preparations are being made for the joint run and picnic of the California Associated Cycling Clubs to be held at Niles on Sunday, June 9th. The committee having it in charge is arranging to feed 500 wheelmen.

A joint run has been arranged by Captains T. C. Dodge and J. Kitchen Jr. between the Bay City Wheelmen of this city and the Acme Club Wheelmen of Oakland, which will take place on next week Sunday. The destination has not been definitely settled, but it is to be on the Marin county side of the bay.

Charles Grant and George H. Stratton have placed their order for a tandem.

J. E. Edwards, the fast racer of the Olympic Club, will try for the world's five-mile record tomorrow over the course from San Mateo to San Carlos. Everything will be done to help him secure the coveted record. Manager Jack McGlynn has arranged for tandem and single pacemakers to help Edwards. The present American record is 11:19, made by A. C. Van Nest at Chicago on October 9th, Edwards has ridden the five miles in a competition race in 12 minutes 13 2-5 seconds.

The California Cycling Club will hold its third trial for the mile handicap club races to-morrow at 9:30 A. M. at the Central Park irack. So far Harvey leads bis club mates in points on previous races. The races are sure to be well attended by the members in the hope of evening up matters.

[Photograph by Miss M. E. Faucompre.]

Last Sunday a very pleasant and enjoyable trip on the wheel was enjoyed by B. H. White, L. D. Owens, B. T. Edwards, L. H. Cox, Milton Unger, Eugene Unger and C. Adams, which was in the form of a reunion of old members who were active in the management of the old San Francisco Bicycle Club. The run was to Larkspur.

Captain Quadt has called a club run for to-morrow of the Golden Gate Cycling Club to Crystal Springs.

Complaint has been made by ladies who ride in the Park unattended by male escorts that they are subjected to much annoyance from would be mashers. If the lady riders would promptly point out these offenders to the Park police they would confer a favor and soon put a stop to the annoyance.

The Golden Gate Cycling Club at its last meeting discussed the matter of "good roads." It is ready to join in any proposed plan for improvement. This club will hold a "ladies' night" the latter part of June, and is already preparing elaborate plans for securing talent and refreshments.

The enforced return of Walter Foster from the southern circuit, owing to injuries received at the Fabiola race meet in Oakland the early part of the month, was unfortunate, as the northern riders were particularly anxious to see a meeting between the two divisions. It is doubtful if Foster can race again this season, though he is anxious to take part in the Bay City's races.

C. L. Davis and sister start on their tandem this afternoon for the Garden City.

Sprocket Bernard, the Olympic racer, who was recently injured by a collision with a wagon, has recovered, although he will be unable to race for some time to come.

During the past week several messenger boys have been mounted on bicycles and it may be but a short time until the entire force will be mounted in the same manner.

Chief Consul Charles K. Melrose of the League of American Wheelmen is preparing to add the maps of Humboldt, Lake and Eureka county roads to the league Category:road book. Victor A. Hancock departed last Wednesday to accurately measure the same and secure other useful knowledge. Hancock is accompanied by his brother, Frank, and both will ride single wheels weighing twenty-three and one-half pounds. These boys will be remembered as the two lads who carried the programmes last July to the conductors' ball, held at Wadsworth, Nev., during the strike. Past experience has proved them to be capable of accomplishing any difficult journey. These road maps will prove a valuable acquisition to the now handy road books.

The next meeting of the board of governors of the California Associated Cycling Clubs will be held on Saturday evening, June 1st, in the rooms of the Reliance Club wheelmen. The amendments proposed at the last meeting regarding relay rules, suspended members and classification of riders will come up for action.

Last Saturday afternoon Harry Jones of the Reliance and Charley Taylor of the Olympics started for a tandem ride through the Sonoma valley. From here they took the train to Vallejo junction, and thence started for Calistoga. Passing by the Veterans' Home at Yountville just at darkness, they ran down an old soldier who was plodding along on the road way, but fortunately did him no harm. After leaving him a silver dollar as an apology they continued on their way to Calistoga, where they remained over night. The roads were found in very good shape. Between Litton (Lytton) Springs and Mark West there is a long down grade as smooth as glass, and at the bottom is a ford across Mark West creek. Neither of the cyclers knew of this creek, and, being under a good headway, were unable to stop their machine in time to avoid a ducking in four feet of water. After rescuing the tandem and wringing out their clothes the trip was continued and Santa Rosa reached late Sunday afternoon. They arrived in San Francisco early Monday morning and declared that a pleasanter two days' journey was never enjoyed.

The Crescent Road Club of this city is still in existence and will continue to be a factor in cycling circles. The report that they had disorganized was somewhat erroneous. Secretary L. Bearwald states that several of the members have withdrawn and organized a wheeling club, but the Crescents are in a prosperous condition and new members are being elected at each meeting. Communications for the Crescents should be addressed care of L Bearwald, secretary, 811 Octavia street.

J. E. Alexander of the Garden Citys contemplates a trip to the Yosemite valley.

A twenty-five-mile relay race between teams representing the Redwood City Wheelmen, Palo Alto Cyclers and the Mountain View Wheelmen is being arranged, to take place in the latter part of June.

A jolly party of cyclers, composed of President Wentworth, First Lieutenant W. G. Lovie, Secretary Stafford of the Redwood City Wheelmen and Messrs Macondray and Eyre of the Fair Oak Cyclers will start on Tuesday next for a twelve days' trip to the Yosemite valley. Starting from Redwood City, the party will go via Livermore, Stockton and on to the Coulterville road, returning via Mariposa, Merced, Pacheco Pass and Hollister. As the party consists of good road riders in every way congenial to each other, the trip will be replete with enjoyment.

The recent century run of the Liberty Cycling Club having proved such a success. Captain Meyer has deemed it advisable to hold another, and has set the date for Sunday, June 20. At the last meeting the Libertys elected C. Westphal to membership.

Robert M. Welch, chairman of the Racing Board, League of American Wheelmen, states that there is no foundation for the rumor that he will suspend M. F. Rose for his recent exhibition at the Fabiola races. Referee Plummer, who was the injured party, did not care to punish Rose, so the matter was dropped.

C. Bentley and W. Olney of the Reliance Club contemplate a trip through the Yosemite valley, and another party consisting of P. H. Bernays, Dr. H. P. Carlton and F. Hersey will wheel through Lake county during the early part of next month. Phil Carlton is arranging to take a wheeling party of Reliance boys to Monterey.

The new racing rules of the League of American Wheelmen have just been issued, and copies can be secured upon application to R. M. Welch, 532 California street. Wheelmen in general will do well to peruse them carefully. That the racing board is carefully watching this Coast in the interest of the league has been too well demonstrated by recent suspensions to warrant any one being in ignorance of the rules.

Gail Hardenbrook, the young racer of the San Jose Road Club, broke all records between that city and Gilroy by over eighteen minutes. His performance was quite a clever trick, and the time, 1:30, a credit to the fraternity.

Burke and Castleman will return from the southern circuit the later part of next month, when it is their intention to go for the class B records, from five miles to twenty-five.

Captain Johnson has called a club run of the Imperial Cycling Club to Niles for to-morrow, leaving on the 9 A. M. boat. A special meeting of the club will be held Tuesday evening to act upon twenty-five applications for membership. F. M. Byrne, before leaving for the north, stated that he would ride under the colors of the Imperial Cycling Club while there and that he did not intend resigning from the club. The report that he had joined the Olympic Club is without foundation.

The Acme Wheelmen and Trampers' Annex will hold their postponed joint run to-morrow to Lake Chabot. Refreshments will form a cheering part of the programme.