BYRNE BADLY BRUISED - An Accident During the Acme Road Race. - The San Francisco Call, 11 Feb 1895

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An Accident During the Acme Road Race.


O. L. Pickard Succeeds in Winning the First Place.
The Reliance Track Will Be Open for Training To-Bay-Athletic Entertainment To-Night.

Though no records were broken, the five-mile handicap road race of the Acme Athletic Club, which was run over the San Leandro-Haywards course yesterday morning, was a very exciting event, and in sporting parlance, was "run for blood."

As the scratch men were nearing the finish, after a hot fight for the lead during the entire race, an accident occurred which will probably incapacitate F. M. Byrne, winner of the recent Imperial Club race, for some time to come. He was neck and neck with Jack Sampson, running close to the curbstone, with his antagonist on the outside, and M. F. Rose, his most dangerous rival, just in the rear, when Sampson began to crowd him toward the sidewalk. He tried to pass and at the same time avoid a collision, but space would not permit, and he struck the curb full force.

He was thrown violently upon the concrete walk and received a deep cut over the right eye, a badly wrenched shoulder and bruises which will make him stiff and sore for many days. His wheel was wrecked.

Though Sampson strenuously denies that there was any intention on his part to defeat Byrne by unfair means, it is known that there was a large amount of money wagered on the outcome between Rose and Byrne and both the former and Sampson are known among the cycling fraternity as "wicked" riders.

Several other riders fell, but were not seriously hurt.

Starter Van Court lined up the limit men - those having a 2-minute handicap - at 12:20 o'clock, in front of the [Hotel, San Leandro], and sent them on their journey. Others having from 3-1/2 to 1-1/2 minutes were sent away in good shape and then the scratch men, with determination to do or die written on their faces, ran their wheels up to the tape and at the crack of the pistol flew ahead.

The finish was in front of the Haywards Villa, Haywards, and in spite of the threatening weather a large crowd was present to see it. The first man to come in sight was O. L. Pickard, 45 seconds. He dashed up the street with an increasing spurt and won first place in the rather slow time of 14:58.

C. H. Berguns next came in sight and crossed the tape second in 16:18.

The scratch men were not able to catch the handicap riders, owing to the furious pace and the fact that the course was not in good condition. It was not until five men had crossed the line that M. F. Rose flew by the judges and landed the time prize in 14:32.

E. W. Decker took second prize, coming in two-fifths of a second later. Those who competed and their time are shown by the appended table:

NAME. Handicap. Actual time. Place
C. H. Berguns 2 16:18 2
H. Maxwell 2 17:02 9
P. Mott 2 17:13 11
B. Elford 1-1/4 15:15 12
C. Stegman 1-1/2 19:55 16
George Brouillet 1-1/4 15:40 5
Harry Phillips 1-1/4 17:11 15
C. Slamberg 1-1/4 15:39 4
C. H. Cowell 1 15:45 8
George A. Hanson 1 16:07 10
A. Bedbury 3/4 15:07 3
O. L. Pickard 3/4 14:58 1
E. W. Decker Scratch 14:32 2-5 7
Jack Kitchen Scratch 19:07 17
M. F. Rose Scratch 14:32 6
Jack Sampson Scratch 15:16 11

The prizes were as follows:

First place, one L. A. W. gold badge; second place, foot pump; third place, bicycle lamp; fourth place, hat; fifth place, hat; sixth place, one pair of bicycle shoes.

Time prize, one bicycle suit; time prize (second), one racing suit.

The officers who had charge of the race were: Referee, L. W. Hardie; clerk, A. S. Ormsby; starter, D. C. Van Court; timers - H. F. Patterson, C. L. Hannan, R. French: judges - F. W. Sharp, A. L. Black, J. W. Wright.

A. H. Lean, the well-known athlete, has taken the management of the Reliance track at Alameda and on Saturday finished the top dressing, so as to place it in good condition for the Reliance men to train for the coming racing tournament at the Mechanics' Pavilion. The racing team of the club expects to make a good showing at the meeting.

The Acme Club of Oakland gives a grand athletic entertainment at the McDonough Theater this evening. All the numbers, even to the music, will be given by club members.