CYCLE RACING MEN ON OREGON PATHS. - Otto Ziegler and Other Flyers to Be Seen in Competition in the Northwest. - The San Francisco Examiner, 12 Aug 1897

From Wooljersey


Otto Ziegler and Other Flyers to Be Seen in Competition in the Northwest.

The field of operations of the crack cycle racing men of this district will change on Saturday, when the best of the local men will ride at Portland.

Allan Jones and D. E. Whitman have been on the ground for several days, and last night Otto Ziegler, the Coast champion, accompanied by Hardy Downing, John E. Wing and trainer John Dermody left for the north. They will accompany President A. P. Swain of the California Associated Clubs, who will also have in his party Percy R. Mott, one of the fastest amateurs on the Coast.

The men will race at Portland on Saturday and Sunday. Liberal purses have been offered, which are expected to attract the best men in the Northwest. Following this meet the riders will have two days racing at Tacoma, the following Saturday and Sunday. Other meets are in course of arrangement, which will engage the attention of the riders until early in September, when they will return here for the Admission Day events. President Swain will spend a fortnight in the north securing members for the California Association and organizing sub-divisions. From present appearances British Columbia will be invaded, and if so it will precipitate trouble between the Canadian Wheelmen Association and the League of American Wheelmen. Its officials will recognize the rulings of the strongest body. Chairman E. G. Dorr of the League Racing Board in Washington has resigned, and is now associated with a new organization known as the Tacoma Race Promoting Association. This will operate under sanction of the California Associated Cycling Clubs.

Washington has already contributed twenty-five members to the association, and many more are looked for as a result of the visit of the riders and officials from this State.

Captain Robert Black, Golden Gate Cycling Club, is arranging a five-mile road race, to be held over the San Leandro-Haywards course early in September. A large entry is expected.

George Michling, the wrestler and strong man of the Olympic Club, has finally joined the ranks of the wheelmen. His friends predict that he will make a good rider.

A hundred wheelmen who went to Stockton on Saturday claim they have a grievance against the transportation company. Before the boat, on which they were to return, was fully loaded the gangplank was hauled in and riders with tickets were left on the wharf. Some men were compelled to stay over until the next boat, twenty-four hours later. One rider from Vallejo who jumped on board was handcuffed and confined in a stateroom until late at night. The matter will be investigated by the proper cycling officials.