D. E. Whitman

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Daniel Elmore Whitman 30 July 1874 – 20 July 1936


At Santa Monica there was a large crowd of people gathered to witness the finish. The riders were dusty and begrimed as they came in, and each hastened away to take a plunge in the swimming-tank before sitting down to the dinner prepared for them. John Gardiner came first, and he was followed closely by D. E. Whitman and Will Rodriguez.

The judges afterward ruled Whitman out of the race, as he had misrepresented his experience as a rider by saying that he had handled a wheel only six months, when there were cyclers who claimed that they know that he had ridden a wheel for the past four years. Upon the plea that he had ridden only six months the handicapper gave Whitman a ten-minute start, and in view of after developments he was ruled out.

THE GERMAN WINS. - Emil Ulbricht Makes the Best Time. - The Los Angeles Times, 05 Jul 1894

The picture accompanying this article shows three of the fastest and best known class A riders in California, representing three of the largest cycling clubs — Percy R. Mott, Acme Club Wheelmen; Dan T. Whitman (of Los Angeles), Olympic Club Wheelmen, and Floyd A. McFarland, San Jose Road Club. The picture gives the impression of an actual race - Mott's side glance at Whitman's wheel, the latter's determined look, and McFarland with that celebrated hump on his back.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Jose Road Club's Five-Mile Road Race To-Morrow. - HE IS AN ENTHUSIAST. - Henry Martin Now Rides a Bike for Pleasure. - San Francisco Call, 3 August 1895

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