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Olympic Club Wheelmen


A Napa Wheelman Goes a Half Mile.

Paced, in One Minute.

The Races at the Napa Fair Prove Interesting Events, but the Attendance Is Light - The 2:27 Trot Postponed.

NAPA, November 16. - The attendance at the races of the Napa Agricultural Association at this city this afternoon was light, though the meeting proved interesting.

In the interval between the two races today Edward Chapman, the local bicycle champion, who rode in the Admission Day race at San Jose, made a try against Ziegler's half-mile record. He pedaled behind a sulky for a wind brake and made the half in one minute. The quarter was passed in twenty-eight seconds. Chapman could have made the half in much better time had he been better paced. Tomorrow he will make another try with a running mate for his pacer.

[CHAPMAN'S FAST RIDING, 17 Nov 1894, Sat The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com]

Edward Chapman, the Napa racing man who has been riding so fast lately, was in the city this woek on his way to San Jose Road Club races,

Edward Chapman, Napa 21 Nov 1894, Wed The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

There were now lest among the starters Byrne, Rose and Chapman to finish it out, and as pretty racing as one could wish to see resulted between those men. Byrne was determined to keep the lead, and as Rose put on a killing pace, the head man had to keep his nether limbs working to keep Rose in the rear. Spurt after spurt resulted and the spectators went wild from excitement when Rose took the lead and Byrne again shot past and held his old stand.

The Acme Club man rode a great race, no doubt, but try as best he could he was unable to defeat Byrne of the Imperial Club, who won a magnificent race in 27 minutes 33 1-5 seconds. The best indoor record for ten miles is 26 minutes, made by Starbuck, a professional rider. Chapman, who landed third, claimed a foul against Rose, whom he accused of having run into him. The foul was not allowed.


Edward Chapman and John Parker went against the world's tandem unpaced record for class A men Monday at Napa and made the distance in 2:02, which clips five seconds from the record.

Edward Chapman and John Parker beat world tandem record in Napa 24 Sep 1895, Tue Petaluma Daily Morning Courier (Petaluma, California) Newspapers.com

By clever riding the fastest of any one of his course, Chapman maintained the two-minute lead of the Olympics at the end of the seventh and actually increased it, so that the Garden Citys, Acmes and Bay Citys were now fully three minutes behind and bunched together in the order named. The San Jose Road Club was still fifth and the Alamedas last.

Rider. Club. Time. Actual
1 Ed Chapman Olympic 12:14:00 29:30
2 Oscar Smith Garden C 12:16:50 30:20
3 J. R. Sampson Acme 12:17:00 29:45
4 S. B. Vincent Bay City 12:17:05 30:05
5 J. C. Willoughby San Jose 12:20:25 30:26
6 Bert Elford Reliance 12:22:00 30:00
7 W. Maack Imperial 12:22:20 30:05
8 C. Ackerman San Fran 12:23:00 30:00
9 A. Theison California 12:25:26 31:55
10 C. S. Shafer Alameda 12:34:30 31:30
Fastest time - 1894, 32:51; 1895, 28:11.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896

The first reply received came from the Olympic Club Wheelmen, through its Secretary, J. W. Mullen, and was as follows:

Your proposal to the Olympic Club Wheelmen to furnish a rider in the Transcontinental Relay is ac. cepted, provided the club sending the first entry to your office is allowed to ride the first relay. If this is acceptable, we Dame Mr. Allan N. Jones as courier and Mr. Edward Chapman as his altermate. We thank you for the invitation and wish you all success in the management. Inhalattanew he made as the names

Allan N. Jones, Edward Chapman represent Olympic Club in the Transcontinental Relay 01 Aug 1896, Sat The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

The rapidly growing ranks of the professionals have had another illustrious addition in the person of Edward Chapman of the Olympic Club Wheelmen. It was not voluntary, as so many have been recently. R. M. Welch, the watchful head of the racing interests, learned incidentally that Chapman had taken cash at the recent indoor meet at Sacramento in lieu of his prizes, and as there was no denial the transfer was made. Chapman should shine in the handicaps, as he is a strong rider, with a neat turn of speed.

Edward Chapman a professional 28 Aug 1896, Fri The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com