FAST ROAD RACE. - San Jose herald, Volume LXIII, Number 105, 1 November 1897

From Wooljersey


First Event of the Garden City Wheelmen.

A Numbar of Entries and Some Good Time, How They Finished.

The Garden City Wheelmen had their first five-mile handicap road race over the East San Jose course yesterday forenoon at 10 o’clock. Four of those who entered failed to start in the race, Roy Johnson, Ed Johnson, Robert J. Butler and D. D. Baker.

The officers having charge of the race were:

Referee — Captain Joe Jury, G. C. W.

Judges — First Lieutenant Al Hostetter, G. C. W.; Captain Ned Williston, T. V. C.; J. B. Lamkin, G. C. W.

Timers — Joe Desimone, G. C. W.; Joe Delmas, G. C. W.; Clement J. Belloli, T. V. C.; Hardy Downing, G. C. W.; F. Doerr, T. V. C.

Starter — Wilbur J. Edwards.

Howard Buffington, with a handicap of 1:20, took first place, his time being 14:07 2-5. Tony Delmas, a scratch man, won the time prize, his time being 13:17. The cup or trophy has been won once by Oscar Smith, twice by Roy Bridgman and now by Buffingion. In order to become the possessor of any one person it must be won three times. The following is the order in which the riders finished with their handicap and time:

Handicap Position Time
Howard Buffington 1:20 1 14:07 2-5
A. Nichols 1:45 2 14:34
George Owens 1:45 3 14:34 1/2
George H. Osen 1:45 4 14:38
Julius Smith 0:25 5 13:28 2-5
George Thorn 1:10 6 14:14
Irving Ryder 1:10 7 14:14 2-5
Ted Belloli :25 8 13:30
Tony Delmas scr'ch 9 13:17
Frank Cotter scr'ch 10 13:17 3-5
Bunt Smith scr'ch 11 13:17 4-5

It was decided at the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Garden City Wheelmen to give a smoker and invite the clubs from San Francisco, Alamada and Oakland to participate. Although the date has not as yet been definitely settled, it will probably be Wednesday, November 10th.

San Jose herald, Volume LXIII, Number 105, 1 November 1897