L. A. W. Officials - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Sep 1894

From Wooljersey


California Wheelmen Suitable for the Post of Chief Consul.

The State of California is the only one in the Union in which there are to be called "State divisions" of the League of American Wheelmen. The South California division is doing fairly well, as it is but two years old and its present membership is about 150. The Northern division has fallen down half since last year, and now has about 350 members. There has been no activity in the North California division since last year's officers went out of office. Secretary-Treasurer Toepke of this city has done his duty well, but in a division much latitude is allowed the Chief Consul, and the success of the division depends mostly on his enterprise. It is an office many wheelmen desire, but to take it and be like the dog in the manger always results in a decrease in membership, advantages, income - in fact in all that makes the league of advantage to individual wheelmen. Chief Consul Ripley, who took the office last fall, had been the Secretary-Treasurer, and, though he wanted the office bad, he should not have been elected, for in his connection with the division last year he did not do his duty on account of press of other work, although he drew the salary attached to the office. This year he has been too conservative and too busy with his regular vocation and has not accomplished anything. He meant well but did not have time, and this fact should be considered in choosing his successor.

A number of available men can be found throughout the division for the office who would build up the league in this part of the State if elected. Ed Mohrig, the best known wheelman in the State and an ex-Chief Consul, would fill the office with honor, but he is in the trade, and many wheelmen don't want a cycle dealer in the office. Yet few men would give so much time to the L. A. W. or be able to get over the State like Mohrig. Others suggested are Young of the Reliance, White and Scovern of the Olympics, J. B. Lamkin of the Garden Citys, Dr. Gibson of the Road Club, Captain Brunt of the Californias, Captain Seaver of the Oakland Y. M. C. A., Neece of the Acmes and Wetmore of the Bay Citys.