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Bay City Wheelmen

In the third heat Toepke, Hall and Caldwell started. Toepke settled down to business the instant the pistol cracked and was never headed. He won an easy race in 34 3-5 seconds, with Hall second.

... In the final of tlm quarter-mile dash Zeigler, Terrill, Toepke and Upson started. Zeigler, as usual, cut out the pace, with Toepke right after him. It was fast traveling from start to finish, and as the riders dashed around the elevation leading to the finish Upson put on a great spurt, and in the attempt to get on the outside of his opponents he leaned too far over and his pedal struck the track, sending him sprawling on his face and hands. He was up in a jiffy, however, and throwing his wheel on his shoulders, walked to his dressing-room as if nothing had happened. Zeigler won the race in 33 2-5 seconds, with Toepke a close second.

San Francisco Call, Volume 74, Number 35, 5 July 1893 - THE RACE ON WHEELS - California Division L. A. W. Championships

Fred Cook and Will Toepke of the Bay City Wheelmen will launch their new yacht in about two weeks. For crew they have selected Messrs. Melrose, Plummer, Toepke, Hallett, Kerrigan and Sheldon, all members of the Bay City Wheelmen.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

F. Russ Cook and William H. Toepke, the two Bay City Wheelmen who are building a yacht, expect to launch it about February 1st. She will sail under the name of Harpoon.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - Track to Be Used in the Tournament. - A Matter of Interest to Racers. - San Francisco Chronicle, 19 Jan 1895

George P. Wetmore, T. Alfred Griffiths and Will H. Toepke, of the Bay City Wheelmen, have returned from a three weeks' vacation trip in Sonoma County.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

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