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The Lowell High School Wheelmen will hold a series of short races this afternoon at Central Park track at 2 o'clock.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 04 May 1895

The Lowell High School Cyclers have elected the following officers: O. H. Hahn, president; N. F. Titus, secretary-treasurer; P. W. Critken, captain; H. I. Weil, first lieutenant; E. T. Ford, second lieutenant.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call - 10 August 1895

The racing board of the league has issued its bulletin, No. 21, dated September 19, 1895, as follows:


September 14, Lowell High School Cycling Club, San Francisco.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 21 Sep 1895

Unless more rain falls, the relay race of the Academic League will take place today, as previously outlined. There are five teams entered, including the Lowell and Polytechnic High schools of this city, the Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose High schools. The race starts from High street, continues out the San Leandro road, twice around the "triangle," and finishes at the starting point. The event is attracting considerable interest, and should he easily won by the team from the Lowell High School, as in its team are such cracks us Russ and Fuller of the Olympic Club, Stone and several other promising riders. The team of the Oakland High School will sadly miss Kenna, who was a tower of strength to them last year. Next to Lowell, the San Jose High School has the most promising aggregation.

TO OLYMPUS ON WHEELS. - Annual Feast and Games of the O. C. Cyclers at Escalles. - San Francisco Chronicle, 14 May 1898

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