THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call - 10 August 1895

From Wooljersey


Wells, Terrill, McCrea and Lacy to Go on the National Circuit.


Acme Club WheelmenBlind run.
California Cycling Club — Run to Redwood City.
Four Aces Cycling Club — Run to the Presidio.
Golden Gate Cycling Club — Run to San Mateo.
Liberty Cycling Club — Run to San Mateo.
Outing Road Club — Run to Bolinas.
Red Rock Bicycle Club — Run to San Jose.
Royal Cycling Club — Run to the Park.
San Francisco Road Club — Run to San Quentin.

A telegram was received by the Bay City Wheelmen yesterday which comes to them in the nature of the most pleasant surprise they have had in some time. It is to the effect that four of their racing men have been signed to go on the National circuit for the Syracuse people — Wells, Terrill, McCrea and Lacy. Here is the message:

St. Louis, August 9, 1895.

Bay City Wheelmen, 441 Golden Gate avenue, San Francisco, Cal. — Knippenberg signed Wells in Chicago yesterday to manage Syracuse National circuit team of Wells, Terrill, McCrea and Lacy, a Bay City quartet. Will winter at San Jose.

A. F. Shapleigh Hardware Company.

Terrill is now on the circuit for the Syracuse firm. Wells recently went East to make some arrangements tor himself, with the above favorable result. McCrea and Lacy are two of the fastest riders in Southern California, members of the Bay Citys, and will start East at once. Knippenberg is the Syracuse agent in Los Angeles, also a member of the Bay City Club.

This will make one of the fastest aggregations on the circuit and they should be very successful. Terrill has not been riding for two months owing to a fall he received some time ago. The reception the "Syracuse Bay City quartet" will receive from their club members on their arrival here in November when the circuit reaches San Francisco will be an ovation, and the club is very jubilant over Wells' fortunate combination.

The Oakland Y. M. C. A. Cycling Club will hold a five-mile handicap road race from Fruitvale to San Leandro next Thursday evening at 6:30 o'clock.

The Royal Cycling Club will hold the first of a series of five-mile road races at the Oakland Trotting Park on Sunday, September 1. A week from to-morrow they will hold several tryouts there for short distances. To-morrow the club will have a run to the park. A smoker is spoken of for some night in the near future.

The Golden Gate Cycling Club will have a run to San Mateo to-morrow under Lieutenant Quadt. Messrs. Heino, Allen and Lewis have been elected to membership. Captain Maass will ride to San Jose and return to-morrow.

The Lowell High School Cyclers have elected the following officers: O. H. Hahn, president; N. F. Titus, secretary-treasurer; P. W. Critken, captain; H. I. Weil, first lieutenant; E. T. Ford, second lieutenant.

The members of the Outing Road Club will start this afternoon on a trip to Bolinas Bay under Captain Davis, returning to-monow. The trip is not an easy one at best, and can be made much more comfortable by taking a day and a half to do it, as they will do.

Captain Hughes of the Four Aces Cycling Club has called a club run to the Cliff House and Presidio for to-morrow, leaving the clubrooms, Eighth and Mission streets, at 1:30 p. m. Eugene M. Levy is secretary of the club.

The Liberty Cycling Club has recently elected the following new members: D. A. Easton, A. E. Nelson, F. R. Haley, H. W. Bassett and J. Maguire. To-morrow the club goes to San Mateo, and will have a scorch over the San Carlos course before returning.

A. W. Rhys and W. E. Lee of the Bay City Wheelmen will start on a wheeling trip of two weeks' duration through Lake County to-morrow. They are both expert riders and will thoroughly enjoy this vacation.

All communications intended for the North Star Bicycle Club should be addressed to S. Hess, secretary, at 1800 Sutter street.

The following communication has been received from Stockton:

Mr. Spalding, Cycling Editor Call — Dear Sir: I wish to make complaint concerning the prizes given by the Stockton Athletic Association. In the Fourth of July races they advertised prizes valued at $15, whereas they were not worth half as much. You could duplicate them for $5. I think some notice ought to be taken of this matter, as they are going to give a race meet here.

The complainant should register his grievance with R. M. Welch, chairman racing board, 532 California street, San Francisco. He has the power to withhold a sanction for the proposed race meet if he knew the value of prizes offered was misrepresented. Or, a better way would be, to complain direct to the athletic association which gave the prizes, and as it is a reputable organization, I have no doubt the dissatisfaction would be speedily adjusted.

Captain Korn has called a run of the San Francisco Road Club to San Quentin tomorrow. Members will assemble at the clubhouse at 8:30 a. m., and take 9 o'clock Sausalito boat. A picture is presented this week of Messrs. Leahy and McBride, the crack tandem team of the club, who paced the riders in their recent five-mile road race.

There is going to be a colored gentlemen's race at Central Park to-morrow in connection with the general jollification of colored Odd Fellows. I understand entries have been received from many of the speedy riders from this City and surrounding towns, and the natural rivalry for supremacy should result in a good race.

Henry Martin, the grand treasurer of the Native Sons, is having a special wheel built for him. The reason for this will be more apparent when it is stated that Mr. Martin's weight is 350 pounds.

The Crescent Road Club will hold a five-mile handicap road race over the San Carlos course on September 1. The club's meeting night has been changed from Wednesday to Tuesday. Eleven members rode to San Jose last Saturday night and went to Alum Rock, returning Sunday. The associated clubs' delegates decided at their meeting last Saturday night that the Crescent Road Club was never legally disorganized, and they were retained as members of the association.

The Acme Club Wheelmen are to have a blind run to-morrow, about which Captain Kitchen is very mysterious.

The California Cycling Club members go to Redwood City to-morrow under Captain Burke.

The Bay City Wheelmen will have a euchre party at the clubrooms on Saturday evening, August 17, to be followed by a smoker, for members only.

The entries for the Liberty Cycling Club's road race, on the 25th, close next Tuesday evening. Intending participants should note. this.

Chief Consul Melrose has appointed the Golden West Hotel of this City as the league hotel for San Francisco. All league members will be given a rate of $1.25 a day upon presenting their membership cards.

The Imperial Cycling Club intends to hold a five-mile handicap road race over the San Carlos course a week from to-morrow. If Byrne and some of the other speedy ones ride it will be worth seeing.