PICNIC RUNS ARE NOW THE CYCLERS' PASTIME - The San Francisco Call, 11 Jun 1898

From Wooljersey


The Acme Club Wheelmen of Oakland and the Bay City Wheelmen of this city will have their annual picnic run to-morrow to a sequestered nook across the bay. The Bay Citys will take the 9 a. m. creek route boat and meet the Oakland club at the foot of Broadway. There will be a bountiful repast and numerous games to while the time away.

The Olympic Club Wheelmen, under Captain W. L. Loos, will tour Marin County on Sunday, the 19th, their destination being Tocaloma.

The Olympic Cyclers will hold a picnic run to Escalles, Marin County, on Sunday, the 19th inst., and Captain Shea expects a large attendance.

Among the Denver, Minnesota and other Eastern States troops now quartered here are a number of very speedy cyclers who have hastened to avail themselves of their favorite sport by patronizing the park cycleries whenever leave of absence was obtainable. The local riders have picked up these soldier-cyclers as "good things" in a racing sense, wherein they have been badly fooled, as many a soldier has shown them his rear wheel in a brush on the cycle path.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold their annual picnic run, heretofore held at Blythedale, at Millwood, Marin County, on Sunday, June 19. All ex-members are invited and are requested to notify Captain Harry Larkin, 441 Golden Gate avenue, not later than next Wednesday, if they will attend. Members will sign the list on the club bulletin board. The wheeling contingent will take the 9:30 a. m. Tiburon boat and ride via Belvedere and Alto to destination. Those who go without their cycles will take the 10 a. m. Sausalito boat and Mill Valley train to Millwood. There will be a baseball game and numerous other sports.

The Bay City Wheelmen will take a trip to Stockton on Saturday afternoon, June 25, on the river steamer, returning Monday morning. The club's baseball team will go up to play a match game with the Stockton Wheelmen.

General satisfaction is expressed at the change of date of the annual C. A. C. C. 20-mile race, as suggested by The Call, from July to the latter part of September, when it is cooler for such a long and hard race and more men are in training. The association's events are now well distributed - the 25-mile handicap coming in February, the 100-mile relay race in May, the 20-mile scratch in September and the 10-mile handicap in October.

The prospects are good for a big indoor tournament at the Pavilion next winter, managed by the American Cycle Racing Association. Alt Ellinghouse, well-known in theatrical circles here, is the local representative of Messrs. Powers and Brady, who control the association, and he states in a letter to The Call from New York, dated May 30, that it is the intention to bring out James Michael, Fred Titus, "Major" Taylor (colored), Edouard Taylore (French), and a number of other stars. The meet will probably be held in January.

Arthur M. Boyden, of the Reliance Club Wheelmen, Oakland, one of the most popular professionals on the State circuit, died at his home across the bay last Wednesday. Boyden was one of the best handicap riders in the State, and had a large circle of friends, both in and outside of the sport. His malady was typhoid fever, and his illness of short duration.

Frank E. Richardson, who was captain of the Bay City Wheelmen ten years ago, and has been living in Southern California for several years past, is again in the city, this time to stay, and is renewing his old acquaintances among the wheelmen.

The Imperial Cycling Club is now ensconced in its new home at 308 Baker street, near Fell. The club will have a yachting cruise on Sunday, June 19.

The Capital City Wheelmen of Sacramento have arranged their programme of events for their annual meet on July 4. The gathering will commence Saturday evening, July 2, with the regular monthly meeting of the board of officers of the C. A. C. C., after which there will be a high jinks and banquet in their honor. Sunday following will be given over to tours to various points of interest in the vicinity of Sacramento. There will be a parade Monday morning and the races will be held in the afternoon on the famous three-lap board track. The events will include a one-mile novice, the mile State championship, one-half mile handicap, and a five-mile paced match between J. E. Wing of the Olympic Club and some rider not yet selected. Efforts are being made to get Furman of Los Angeles as his opponent.

The fifty-mile relay race between the Olympic Club Wheelmen and the Capital City Wheelmen will be held on Sunday, August 7, on the Sacramento track, and both clubs will stake their all on the result, so hearty is the rivalry.